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10 Low-Maintenace Indoor Plants For New Plant Parents

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10 Low-Maintenace Indoor Plants For New Plant Parents

Indoor plants give your home a character and breathe life into it. Placing an areca palm on a European square planter or monstera on a designer planter adds a certain charm to your house. It also provides a calming effect to your indoor space.  

Apart from being a beautiful decorative item for your house, indoor plants improve air quality. But being a plant parent is not quite easy. If you are new in this plant-lover group then you must note down a few tips to take care of them. There are many indoor plants that need extra care to keep alive. 

 But if you are a busy person it might seem difficult to maintain these plants. For busy people or new plant parents, some indoor plants are ideal. Listed below are some plants that are easy to care for.  

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig: This plant needs a lot of sunlight to stay in good shape. You can thus put it on your balcony orwindowsill. Regular watering and bright sunlight are all that it needs. Plant it on a big cylinder planter and place it where you want. 

  • White Bird Of Paradise: This wonderful plant needs no special care. It also requires bright sunlight to stay alive. The bright green broad leaves look very nice on a white square planter.  

  • Fiberex American Moss: This plant does not need regular watering. If you want a low-maintenance plant, this one is perfect for you. 

  • Areca Palm: Areca palm is a gorgeous plant that most of you are familiar with. This plant takes a little space; so, you may keep it in the corner of your living room. 

  • Bamboo Palm: This palm can survive in medium light. Only regular watering is needed to maintain it.  

  • Monstera: This is a medium-sized plant with big leaves. The unique structure of the leaves makes this plant special.  

  • Lisa Cane: This is a quite unique plant with low maintenance. It also requires less space; so you can keep it anywhere you like.  

  • Neanthe Bella: It is a great plant both indoors and outdoors. Just keep it in some shady area. 

  • Rhapis Palm: Another beautiful indoor plant is the Rhapis palm. Less water and medium light are what it needs. 

  • Giganta Plant: It is a pretty common plant with yellow and green leaves. It is better to keep it in a shade.  


You can place your indoor plants on the windowsill, or staircase or make shelves to decorate them. Anyhow plants make for beautiful home decor items. To add to their beauty you can use nice planters, like European square, Urbana bowl, light stone cylinder, etc. At PLANTZ you will find numerous types of plants and planters. They also provide plant rental and plant leasing services in the US. 

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