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What is Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

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What is Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

The destructive addiction is notoriously hard to break but thankfully it is possible. Walking into a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre is a cornerstone to overcoming addiction and embarking on a positive, healthy and vibrant lifestyle. You might be smashed with stigmas, sceptics and dilemmas. Is rehab really worth it for you and your particular situations?

Anyone can label addiction as a moral issue, selfishness, or lack of physical strength. Addiction is not just sheer dependence, it is exacerbated due to various neurological issues, environment, genetics and much more. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre can help a person step down from addiction and helps you weave a beautiful life. A licensed, professional, experienced staff at state-of-art rehabs and modern, holistic and traditional approaches to ensure your successful recovery. 

However, Drug and Alcohol Addiction recovery is not a matter of abstinence from a substance but it’s more about cognition treatment approaches that cohesively work to ingrain new life, sobriety and sanity in a person. 

How does Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation help?

The same fire that melts the butter, hardens the eggs. It implies addiction treatment too. Treatment is not one-size-fits-all. Everyone’s addiction journey and enduring are different; therefore they need a treatment that understands the nucleus of addiction and emphasises treating it. 

At the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation centre, a person would undergo numerous therapies conjugated with holistic, traditional and modern approaches. The treatment plans and structure are designed to help a person smooth transition throughout the phases of addiction. 

At Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation they help you transit through every phase – 

Sometimes addiction is due to mental illness, known as co-occurring disease. It can increase the risk of treatment, early discontinuation and relapse. A holistic program and therapies integrated into a treatment regimen can help in treating mental health disorders and addiction. A counsellor will tailor an integrated treatment plan that focuses on addiction and mental health disorders that are addiction triggers.

What are the mental therapies provided?

Relapse Prevention 

Understanding warning signs and barriers to the recovery process help in creating an effective aftercare plan and maximising chances of survival in success. An effective relapse prevention plan at Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation is necessary to achieve more control over and sustain their sobriety. 

Get Help!

Addiction is not about moral failure, it is rooted in a disease model. We at The Luminous Care help you show the beam of light at the end of the tunnel and reign your sobriety. To know more about how our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation works, get in touch with us. 

Call us now – 833-422-5585 or For more information enquire us at [email protected]

Luminous Care
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