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How To Make Your Man Feel Like a King

How To Make Your Man Feel Like a King

Ladies, here’s a little secret for you just in case you were wondering how men want to be treated. Here’s the one single idea that if you can harness it, will have your yearning for more of your attention and affection.

Are you ready for it? Well, here it is.

Every man, no matter what his creed, culture, or calling, wants to be treated like a king. And though you may have heard this idea before, do you really understand what it means to treat a man like a king?

Most women don’t have a clue.

So for you ladies out there who may be wondering what the secrets are to making a man feel like a king, here are two love tips to help you do just that:

1. Unwavering Loyalty and Support

Kings would often go great lengths to ensure that those he serves as king and those who serve him are unwaveringly loyal to him and the kingdom. The same applies with how a good man thinks.

Let’s face it; the world can be a sinister place at times. There’s no denying this fact. A man shouldn’t feel that way in his own home or in his relationship. And here’s a love tip for all you ladies out there:

If you want your man to “open up” to you and show you more of his “softer” side, then you must communicate to him that you are here to serve (love) him unconditionally, and only him. Show him that you won’t ever take advantage of him when he’s down on his luck or vulnerable.

This point can’t be stressed enough. The more a man can feel completely safe and open with his woman, the more he will trust, depend, and serve her as a good man should.

He wants to know without a shadow of a doubt that he can place his confidence in you, and that he can put his all into the relationship. And of course you know that you shouldn’t lie to him, cheat on him, or steal from him. These things go without saying, but there’s more.

  • You must refuse to be petty and malicious especially when he’s down
  • Refuse to complain about him to your friends, family, and co-workers
  • Never insult him or downplay his importance to others, especially his children
  • Keep your issues and arguments private, unless of course it’s professional help
  • Resolve you issues as quickly as possible, and never go to bed angry
  • Be open and honest with one another and learn to have a more stress free relationship

Every man sees himself as a king in his home and relationship, as every woman should see herself as a confident and capable queen. Make your man feel like a king by communicating your loyalty and sincerity to him. Encourage his masculine spirit and he’ll continuously serve you in strength and dignity.

2. Become a Proactive Lover

A proactive lover is simply someone who understands the needs and desires of their significant other, and goes out of their way to ensure that these needs and desires are met consistently. And if you want to make your man feel like a king, then learn to become a proactive lover.

For example, does your man like football? If so, what have you done to support his interests? What have you done to communicate that you not only understand his need to watch football, but that you support his love for it?

Extra Note: Sending good morning wishes in the morning is a great signs of you’re a proactive lover who respect his partner & share positive quotes in the morning. It feels amazing when someone sends Good Morning Images with Love Quotes.

You don’t have to fake an interest in the sport, but gestures as simple as making sure he doesn’t miss his favourite teams, buying him tickets, or even serving him and his buddies some food while they watch the game won’t go unnoticed.

Think about it.

If your man works at a job that you know is stressful, what are you doing to ensure that his castle (home) is pleasant, peaceful, and free from all kinds of conflict? Try having his favourite drink ready for him, with his favourite music playing in the background to help him relax. You could even try learning how to massage him to help him release his tensions.

What if your man travels a lot or works a potentially dangerous profession? What have you done to ensure that the moments he spends with you are memorable and beautiful? What are you doing to keep the memory of you alive in his heart as he travels or as he puts his life on the line?

Many soldiers have confessed that it was the cherished memories of their loved ones that helped them to make it back alive to their homes and families.

These are all general examples, but if you treat your man like a king, he’ll be more likely to return to you. And the more you give to him, the more you’ll receive from the relationship as you build your own sense of feminine power.

Of course, there should be balance in everything, and it’s up to you to know how much love and nurturing your man needs. Remember, it’s not about giving him everything he asks for, it’s about catering to those needs that he may neglect to mention.

The more you can get in his head and know what he needs, even before even he does, the easier it will be to make him feel like a king. He’ll fall in love with you every day and in every way, more and more.

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