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Top 10 places to visit in kodaikanal to enjoy your family trips

Top 10 places to visit in kodaikanal to enjoy your family trips

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Visiting Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu. It located in Dindigul district. This kodaikanal hills station is called the “princess of hill stations”. This hill station is developed the British government in early 18th century to safe from the heat of the Indian summer. This blog about top 10 places to visit in kodaikanal that are very close to Kodaikanal Lake.

Gift of the forests is Tamil meaning of the kodaikanal. This area is known for its rich flora consisting of big trees like acacia and eucalyptus trees. Throughout the year the pine tree plantations here yield fruits of the highest quality. All the activity at kodaikanal looks to start and end at the Kodaikanal Lake. It is the heart of all economic activity in the town.

List of places to visit in kodaikanal

Droptaxi24x7 outstation cab services let tourists from Chennai experience kodaikanal’s attraction from the safety and comfort of a taxi. The silver cascade falls and bear shola are just a mile away from Kodaikanal Lake is a good tourist starting point.

1.Dolphin’s nose – kodaikanal

2.Bear shola & Silver cascade falls in kodaikanal

3.La saleth church in kodaikanal

4.Guna caves in kodaikanal

5.Murugan kurunji andavar temple in kodaikanal

6.Coakers walk in kodaikanal

7.Chettiyar park in kodaikanal

8.Kodaikanal solar observatory

9.Poombarai village in kodaikanal

10.Bryant’s park in kodaikanal

1.Dolphins nose – kodaikanal

The dolphins nose is a viewpoint at where who can experience kodaikanal at its best. This dolphins nose is a flat and protruding piece of rock shaped.

The viewpoint forms a visible cliff at a height of 6,600 feet. Reaching this spot requires a balanced level of 3 km long trek through the pins and rocks of the palani hill range.

Along the way possible to explore a nearby waterfall and local village. When a mystical smog has covered the surrounding valley to tourist will love the Mountain View.

A peaceful back down into the mountains is a splendid way to engage in some soulful introspection. This dolphins nose is open all days from 6 am to 5 pm and there is no any entrance fees. Kodaikanal hills are covered in mystique the Guna caves.

2.Bear shola and silver cascade falls in kodaikanal

Bear shola falls is placed at just two kilometres from the Kodaikanal Lake is a famous tourist place in this region. This cascade falls is a seasonal interest that comes to life in the monsoons. Water flows down from the hilltop building its way through the verdant greenery of the region.

This water falls is called bear shola falls, because of its here living people told that his place is about a bear that accepted this place often. A tourist visit to the falls will bring one up close to rare species of plants and animals.

The silver cascade falls is a refuge for all the nature lovers. This silver waterfalls is at altitude of 2318 meters above sea level. It is attractive waterfall with water cascading from a height of 1800 feet.

Bathing in the falling waters is said to cure common complaint since the water is mineral-laden. The water fall appears to look like silver flowing down a cliff and thus the silver cascade falls. 

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3.La saleth church in kodaikanal

La-salette church is one of the earliest churches, since 133 years old. The sculpture of our lady of la salette is present inside the church. Mother mary provide the pilgrims her blessings with poignant grace.

The church have beautifully depicts brilliant Tamil French architecture. La salette’s interiors are adorned with the sculpture of many saints.

4.Guna caves in kodaikanal

Guna caves is a special heritage site also known as the devil’s kitchen. It is a number of caverns placed amidst three huge boulders known as pillar rocks. The gorge also remains filled with thick cloud cover during the off-season. To arrive the hilltop, tourist need to walk 400 meters from the main entrance.

Through the pine forest where the roots of trees appears emerging from the ground to reaching the caves. Guna caves get popularity after the guna Tamil movie in 1992.     

5.Murugan kurunji andavar temple in kodaikanal

The kurinji andavar temple is dedicated to lard murugan the people is also called the lord of the hills. This muruga temple is one of the most adored places of devotion in kodaikanal. The kurunji flower blooms very rare in every 12 year once, covering the entire valley with their blue and purple hue.

Kurunji flowers are offered to the god and thus devotion as murugan kurinji andavar. One can dip in the beauty of the surrounding and experiencing peace and serenity here. Kurinji means hill region, and andavar means god.

6.Coakers walk in kodaikanal

Coaker’s walk is a synthetic pathway that lets tourist admire the natural beauty of the alpine landscape. Coakers walk is a km long walk for visitors to get a glance of the verdant hill landscape.

The curves by the corner of the gorgeous mountain let tourists get a glance of paradise on the earth. It is a favored location for morning and evening walks and nature lovers. Who one also select to ride a bicycle to explore the scenic location. The sight is breathtakingly glorious and it almost build one feel like walking in the clouds. An entrance fees 10 for adults while 20 is for a telescopic to view the kodaikanal valley. You have to visit to the spectacular ooty hills is also worth your time.

7.Chettiyar park in kodaikanal

The one of the key attractions park in kodaikanal is Chettiar Park. A wide different of flowering plants decorate the lush green lawns of the park in vibrant colors. The park have a pleasant getaway for the all the city tourists.

When the kurunji flowers turn the surrounding landscape into a vista of blue and purple colors similar the park comes to live once in 12 years. This park is open all day from 9 am to 5 pm. The local admin charge a normal entrance fees for 10 per person. 

8.Kodaikanal solar observatory

Kodaokanal solar observatory was established in 1899, and it’s managed by the Indian institute of astrophysics. This is placed at a strategic geographic position. In the 19th century it holds an extensive collection of solar dating back. This observatory is an off-beat visitor’s hotspot and a must-visit for astronomy and space enthusiasts.

Tourist can allow to see a 20 cm refractors that help observe the movement of comets and other celestial objects. The exhibits here are mostly illustrated backed by model of celestial objects. This observatory to visit best time is morning 10 am to 12 noon.

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9.Poombarai village to visit in kodaikanal

Poombarai is a small village near kodaikanal that provide tourists an offbeat village experience. The eccentric town is popular for the kuzhanthai velappar temple. Engraving that date back to over the 3000 years can see at this temple. 

Legend has it that the sculptor was so submerged in sculpting lord murugan’s face that time rest of his body does not have the same grace as that of the face. Tourists can spend blissful time at the temple and enjoy the serene surroundings.

10.Bryant’s park to visit in Kodaikanal

Byant’s park is another famous attractive place through travelers and locals alike. It cover an area of 20 acreage, apart from it have home to over 325 species of shrubs, trees and cacti. Bryant Park boasts of preserving 85 different of flowering plants. These plants are come to life in vibrant color during the summer season. An aged eucalyptus tree and a Bodhi tree are other key attractions. A greenhouse within the park campus supports an assortment of ferns, flowers and exotic plants. Apart from that is a famous picnic spot for families. All the parents are love to watching their kids run around and tumble in the grass.

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