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Book Hotel Rooms for Wheelchair Users with Various Needs

Hotel Narain Niwas Palace
Book Hotel Rooms for Wheelchair Users with Various Needs

It has always been a hassle to book a hotel while planning a trip. There are many things to think about, such as price, amenities, and location. People who use wheelchairs may find it even more difficult because they must carefully assess each hotel to make sure it can accommodate their particular requirements. While some of this information can be easily found online, hotel descriptions are often lacking in vital information. 

In major metropolitan and five-star hotels, facilities and dedicated rooms for wheelchair users can be found, but in small hotels or cities like Jaipur, it's quite uneasy. Therefore, you shouldn't just reserve hotel rooms that are advertised as wheelchair or handicap accessible. Instead, adhere to these guidelines to successfully reserve hotels with wheelchair accessibility.

Determine Your Needs

Not every guest's needs will be met by hotels that offer accessible lodging. There are no accessibility requirements for hotels, so it's up to every individual establishment to decide how accessible it is. Make a thorough list of your requirements and preferences for your wheelchair-accessible hotel room before making a reservation. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do you need space for a lift under your bed?
  • Would you prefer a roll-in shower or a bathtub?
  • Do you want any specific amenities such as room service or a restaurant?
  • Will you need a parking space or is public transportation close by?
  • Will you need an accessible shuttle or a wheelchair-accessible taxi?

Narrow Down Your Options Online

Begin your research online. Use the filters on websites such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Airbnb, Make My Trip, or Agoda and search for wheelchair or handicap-accessible hotels. From here, you ought to be able to determine which hotels best meet your requirements or which luxury suite rooms are best for you. Read reviews to find out more. Shortlist your choices, then move on to the next step. 

Call the Hotel Directly

When reserving a hotel room that is wheelchair accessible, you must make direct contact with the property. Before making your reservation, you should call and double-check the information you have read online. Because each hotel will interpret the term "wheelchair accessible" differently, be sure to get specific information about the accessible features in the guestrooms and throughout the hotel. 

Ask Questions

Not all wheelchair users have the same requirements. Always be upfront and specific when describing your needs in order to find the best suite hotels in Jaipur. You might also want to bring up some of the questions listed below during your phone call.

Questions related to common areas:

  • Is there designated handicap-accessible parking at the hotel?
  • Are there ramps or a lift at the main entrance?
  • Are there ramps within the common areas of the hotel?
  • Do the doors open automatically?
  • Is the elevator wheelchair accessible?
  • What facilities are wheelchair accessible? If there is a pool are there stairs or a lift?

Questions about the rooms:

  • Are the wheelchair-accessible rooms located on the ground floor of the hotel?
  • Are there any stairs to enter the room or inside the room itself?
  • Is hanging space in the closet at wheelchair height?
  • Are the doorways widened?
  • Are there lever-type door handles?
  • Is there enough space to maneuver around the room and the bathroom?
  • Are the light switches, power outlets, safes, hairdryers, etc. at wheelchair height?
  • Is there room on both sides of the bed to transfer from a wheelchair?
  • What is the height between the floor and the bed?
  • What is the height of the mattress itself?

Questions about the bathrooms:

  • Is there a roll-in shower or a bathtub?
  • Is the showerhead handheld?
  • Does the shower have a chair? Does it wheel-in or is it wall mounted?
  • Are grab-bars installed in the bathroom and shower area?
  • Is there space to transfer from a wheelchair onto the toilet?
  • Is the toilet raised?
  • Is there room beneath the sink for a wheelchair?

Ask for a Photo of the Hotel Room and Bathroom

If you’re still a little worried about whether or not the hotel will meet your needs, ask for photos of the accessible room. You can also check comparison websites such as booking.com or TripAdvisor for photos of the hotel and its facilities. Once you have a visual representation of the hotel, you will feel more assured when you decide to make your reservation at suite hotels in Jaipur. 

Booking & Confirmation

Once you’re confident that the hotel meets your needs, reserve the room. Have the hotel send you a confirmation email noting all the details discussed. Have this available with you at check-in in case problems arise.

Before Your Departure

Once you’ve reserved your room, you will want to reconfirm your booking a couple of days ahead. Give the hotel a quick call and make sure they have your reservation listed properly in their computer.

Additional Tips for Successfully Booking Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Rooms

Stay With Large, Established Hotel Chains

You should probably choose one of the larger hotel chains. They have policies for accessibility in place and often abide by strict guidelines. These hotels frequently undergo renovations and have the most luxurious rooms for wheelchair users. Bigger chains also have customer service agents who can assist you if any issues arise. 

Stay at Newly Built Hotels

Newly constructed hotels must meet wheelchair accessibility requirements. Older hotels frequently have limited space. Even if there are elevators, they might not be wheelchair-accessible. 

Book Directly With the Hotel

Hotel comparison websites are great for research, but direct reservations for wheelchair-accessible rooms are always the best option. This will help ensure that your reservation suite room in Jaipur is wheelchair accessible.

End Note

Hope these effective points will come into consideration while you seek a wheel-chair accessible room. If you like this blog, please do share it with any person whom you think needs effective suggestions. If you think we missed any points to cover, please let us know in the comment section below. We wish you all the best for your next trip and hope you find the best heritage hotels in Jaipur with all the amenities and features you are looking for. 

Hotel Narain Niwas Palace
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