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6 Ways Youtube Can Boost Your Business Growth Which Will Convince You

6 Ways Youtube Can Boost Your Business Growth Which Will Convince You

If you are a small business, one of your major concerns is to promote your products or services as effectively as it can be done, but without spending a lot of money on it. You must have been hearing for a long time that advertising is the most necessary expenditure for a business and cannot be avoided without causing a loss in the growth prospects of the business. However, the business environment has changed a lot in the present decade thanks to the exponential growth of the internet and digital products. Today there are ways in which you can promote your products at a very small cost. 

One of the most cost effective ways of marketing today is making videos on youtube. YouTube can be a cost-effective tool to help grow your business if you use it routinely and incorporate it within your marketing strategy. Let's learn in detail about all the benefits that marketing with youtube can provide to your business.

1. Huge Audience

Youtube has a very huge audience. Millions of people visit YouTube daily to watch videos they like. In fact, it can be said that people are spending more time on YouTube than they spend reading newspapers or watching television. Presence of such a huge audience from around the world is a boon for every business as it makes the perfect place to showcase and promote your product or services. Compared with advertising campaigns, catching attention of people on YouTube may be a little difficult in the beginning but once you have established yourself YouTube can be more rewarding than any other form of marketing campaign.

2. It's Free!

One of the biggest advantages of YouTube is that it is totally free of cost. It may cost you in terms of effort and some money as well in making those videos. But publishing your videos on YouTube and promoting your products in front of an unlimited number of people using YouTube daily is totally free of cost. But the benefit doesn't end here. YouTube also offers you detailed statistics and analytics about the performance of your videos that can help improve your video marketing campaign a lot. And all this also comes without any cost.

3. Efficient & Effective Ads

YouTube is not just about making videos to promote your videos. YouTube is a great place to directly advertise your products as well. But it's not like your regular advertising campaigns, advertisements on YouTube have several advantages. With the help of YouTube algorithms, your advertisement can reach your target audience easily and become more effective than advertising to random people. Another major advantage of advertising on YouTube is that it is much more cost effective. On YouTube, you have to pay for an ad only when the user clicks on it. Therefore if the user is not interested in your products, he won't click and you don't have to pay anything. 

4. Personal Touch

With YouTube you can easily add a personal touch to your marketing campaigns. YouTube is all about video. Videos are a much more engaging and appealing way to capture the attention of your customers. Videos also allow you to be present in person and communicate your message to your audience like you are directly talking to them. This adds a personal touch to your communication and strengthens the relation between you and your customer. This is very good for the long term growth of your business.

5. Get Found Easily On Google

You may have seen that videos are emerging more frequently in search results pages on google. It shows that Google is giving equal importance to videos as it gives to text only webpages. This can be used to your advantage by creating good quality videos on YouTube and writing related quality articles on your website where you can embed that video as well. This will increase the number of backlinks that your site has, which means you are more likely to be found by Google searchers. This way, YouTube can be used as part of your marketing strategy to increase the authority of your site so your pages will be higher up in the search results. How to run advertising on YouTube? Simple: Either sign-up to Google Ads or use a service like LenosTube Ads Views, that run Ads for you with no added profit.

6. Earn Money As Well!

Youtube is one such platform where you can get paid for promoting your products instead of paying for it. When you make videos on youtube, youtube runs ads on it. If your videos are getting a good amount of views, youtube shares with you a part of advertisement revenue it generates by showing ads on your videos. This is therefore a win-win situation for you where on one hand you can promote your products which results in increased sales and more profits and on the other hand, you can directly earn some additional money from youtube as well.

Due to all these huge benefits, not using youtube for your advertising campaign is only like being outdated. Today not only the small businesses but even the big ones are using youtube extensively for their marketing campaigns. So develop your youtube marketing strategy today and start promoting!

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