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How to Clean Different Kinds of Walls Like a Pro

Andy Agrawal

Ever wondered what makes up the large area in your house? It is none other than the walls. The walls consume the most space in the home and are also the most neglected when it comes to the cleanliness of the house. 

The walls catching the dirt and dust from the road is the major worry of the people living in open houses and on main roads. Consequently, people have been on the lookout for tips on cleaning the house walls like a pro. 

The walls having the dark-colored paint might not be noticeable initially but like clothes, they also accumulate dirt. Let us learn how to clean different kinds of walls like a pro in the post mentioned below and make a big difference to your home. 

Cleaning Different Kinds of Walls 

Before commencing with cleaning the walls, it is important to figure out what kind of wall you have. It is not only the kind of wall but also the kind of paint you have that determines the best cleaning way. 

Let’s familiarize you with the diverse kinds of walls and what kind of cleaning works wonders on them. 

Cleaning concrete walls

Out of all the different kinds of walls, cleaning the concrete walls is the most challenging. But one benefit of having concrete walls is that you don't need to clean them regularly and doing it occasionally is fine. 

Begin with cleaning the excess dirt with a duster and make a cleaning solution. For making the cleaning solution, you can mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with hot water and mop the walls using a microfiber cloth. Lastly, clean the walls again with cleaned water. 

Cleaning brick walls 

The next comes the brick walls. No doubt these are modern times but not everyone has well-painted finished walls. The brick walls are difficult to clean because the dirt gets trapped in the nooks and corners which becomes difficult to reach. 

The best way for cleaning the brick walls is by making a cleaning solution consisting of baking soda and water. Take the help of the brush to apply on the wall and wipe off the dirt and debris. 

Cleaning oil-based painted walls

The foremost thing you need to do for cleaning the oil-based painted walls is dust away the walls. This will wipe away all the loose dirt. Once you are done with all the loose dirt, the next you are supposed to make the cleaning solution. 

Simply mix the dishwashing liquid in the lukewarm water and have a separate bucket filled with clean water. Use a microfiber cloth for mopping the walls and see your walls shining by getting rid of all the dirt and dust. 

Cleaning bathroom walls 

Cleaning the bathroom walls is an altogether different kind of struggle as bathroom walls are filled with water marks, and dust streaks due to the high humidity. The best way to clean the bathroom walls is by wiping down the walls every time you take shower and leaving the door open for some time. 

Final Words 

Likewise, you can clean the different walls easily by making the cleaning solutions and taking care of a few things. The best way to deal with the dirt in the house is to be consistent in the house cleaning which in turn does not let the dirt and dust settle. You can also get it done from the apartment cleaning San Diego as they are professional workers and have years of experience in cleaning. 

Andy Agrawal
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