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Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore

Rajeshwari Ayurdhama
Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore

Ayurveda is a practice of the ancient lifestyle to create harmony and wellness within the body. The Best Ayurvedic center in Bangalore works on the fundamental belief of Ayurvedic practice ‘dosha’ to maintain the ‘doshic balance’ where ‘dosha’ is a unique mix of energies ‘vata’, ‘pitta’ and ‘kapha’ which is similar to the western idea of elements air, water, fire, earth, etc.

The heart of Ayurveda is panchakarma. Rajeshwari Ayurdhama being the panchakarma center in Bangalore adopts a classical method to detox your body using a blend of natural therapies, plant medicines, application of oils, steam and purgatives to cleanse and free your body from the system of toxic ‘ama’.

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic medication (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world’s most established all encompassing (“entire body”) recuperating frameworks. It was grown over a long time back in India.

It depends on the conviction that wellbeing and health rely upon a fragile harmony between the brain, body, and soul. Its principal objective is to advance great wellbeing, not battle illness. Yet, medicines might be designed for explicit medical conditions.

What are Ayurvedic Spa Treatments?

Most Ayurvedic spas in Bangalore include some degree of massage using the personalised therapeutic essential oils to suit your dosha. Tapping, squeezing, kneading are the massaging techniques used in this Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore which is one step beyond the usual traditional approach. The style and flow of the massage determines who you are, and what your body needs for a proper balance and wellbeing at the time.

The therapies of Ayurveda in the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore include herbal medicine, exercise, diets, surgery, psychology and spirituality to determine the kind of lifestyle for leading a balanced and healthy life. 

An Ayurvedic therapist is well-trained to give more focus on the ‘marma points’ which is similar to the pressure points in acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology. The holistic approach of rejuvenated therapies besides the Ayurvedic consultation with the expert therapist in the Ayurveda treatment in Bangalore helps to regain health and vigour to your body and mind.

Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore

What is Ayurvedic Cosmetology?

The cosmetology approach can be a perfect cure of ailments and resonance of the body as well as the mind. More precisely, the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore combines physical, mental and spiritual beauty to project the cosmetic sense of Ayurveda. 

It serves various benefits to care for your skin, eye, hair, mouth, face, foot besides other remedies in the field of Ayurvedic Cosmetology in this Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore. Some of the customized treatments are designed in the Ayurvedic spa in Bangalore to:

  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • Boost the effectiveness of the immune system
  • Keep you in better health
  • Aid with medical conditions to improve the overall lifestyle of a well-being

Before Ayurvedic Treatment 

Before taking an Ayurvedic treatment in the Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore, ensure not to make any arrangements for a couple of hours after the treatment because you will need time to relax and wash the herbal oil applied on your body or hair. Moreover, refrain from large meals and alcohol intake in the hours leading up to your Ayurvedic spa in Bangalore.

What to Expect During an Ayurvedic Treatment?

Before your treatment begins with your therapist from the Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore, you will be asked questions about your health and lifestyle to determine your dosha. The Ayurvedic consultation in the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore, will begin by assessing your skin types, and choosing the herb-infused oils accordingly.

The Ayurvedic treatment will vary from person to person starting from Swarna Bindu Prashana to Panchkarma in this Ayurvedic center in Bangalore because it is so personal as it tailors the level of pressure and intensity to what suits you the best. You should check with the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore in advance about what you should wear because the Ayurvedic treatments are usually oily, so if you opt to wear anything ensure it’s indispensable.


During an Ayurvedic treatment like massage, your therapist or therapists might utter dosha mantra which are specially designed to help balance your mind, body and spirit. The procedure in the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore is usually customized depending on the type of treatment you opt for.

  • First you will be asked to lie on the massage table with your eyes closed and covered. The process of Ayurvedic treatment in the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore begins by pouring the specially medicated room temperature or lukewarm oil continuously as steady steam.  
  • The massage therapy in the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore is likely to be quite oily and some of the oils get rubbed into your hair and forehead in a gentle oscillating motion with a parallel massage on the body.
  • Secondly, the patient will be asked to rest for a few minutes. After that, he/she will be given a hot water bath to the whole body and a special medicated water is also used alongside for a head bath.

The duration of each Ayurvedic treatment may extend from 30 – 60 minutes depending on the receiver’s condition. But it is very important to ensure that the oil doesn’t enter the ears or eyes and is therefore recommended to be performed by an expert therapist in the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore.

Pros and Cons of Ayurvedic Treatment

The benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment in this Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore are numerous as it provides an excellent treatment to keep the mind, body and soul healthy by promoting the blood circulation, restoring damaged nerves, reducing stress, improving memory and cognitive function.

Promote blood circulation – The warm oils used in the Best Ayurvedic center in Bangalore aids in the blood circulation of the brain. It aids in maintaining the health and well-being of an individual by boosting the immunity as well.

Deep relaxation – The gentle pressure given at the time of Ayurvedic treatment by soothing the body with the oil can aid your body, mind and nervous system to experience a peaceful and deep state of relaxation. This can help to balance the energy level of a person. Moreover, the process in the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore enhances clarity and perception.

Improves sleep and reduces stress – The ayurvedic center in Bangalore reduces the level of stress hormones such as Noradrenaline and Adrenaline and thus relaxes the mind. Pouring of the warm medicated oils stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus which in turn regulates the functions of the pituitary gland and induces sleep. The Ayurvedic treatment when coupled with herbal support is effective to overcome sleeping problems.

Restores vitality of the hair – The vital therapy of using medicated oils absorbed through the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and this ayurvedic center in Bangalore has gained popularity in treating hair problems such as hair fall or premature greying of hair.

Repairs nerve degeneration – The procedure used in the ayurvedic center in Bangalore has a massive impact on the nervous system to aid you with an instant and direct relaxation, calmness besides purifying the effect on the mind and nerves. 

Moreover, the other comprehensive benefits provided in this ayurvedic center in Bangalore include treatment of memory loss, sleep problems, poor concentration, depression, chronic headaches, mental tension, facial paralysis, hypertension, degenerative conditions of the brain,etc.

The pros outweigh the cons of the Ayurvedic Treatment because this ancient treatment method can have certain side effects when the practitioner gives the patient the wrong medicines or when the patients are careless to follow the prescriptions while getting treated in the Ayurvedic center in Bangalore. In other circumstances, the herbs used for the treatment can be toxic to the patients as it is not given in known doses.


If you would like to experience the countless benefits from the best of herbal treatments in Rajeshwari Ayurdhama, you can approach this ayurvedic center in Bangalore which would definitely help you to revive and rejuvenate your soul, mind and body.

Rajeshwari Ayurdhama
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