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Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Bunk Beds

When you look at any solid wood bunk bed, you might quickly gauge it to be good quality because... well it's wood. Doesn't wood always mean quality? Not no fast though.

There are a lot of options out there that appear stylish on the outside, in terms of the material used, but then the question arises of how to determine the quality of the bunk bed. Will a piece that looks good today will function well in the next two, five, or ten years to come?

A lot of thought and planning goes into just getting your bedroom just so. You would want a bed that will fulfill all the functionality and also remains beautiful in the long term.

What is it Made of?

Wood is regularly used for the structure of any piece to give form, stability, and strength, as well as add a decorative or beauty element. However wood is used, when it comes to quality bunk beds you want to see solid wood as opposed to a press board.

It is also important to note that truly high-quality furniture is almost always hand-crafted instead of being assembled in a factory. We are only talking here about construction and fabrication by experts who have years of experience and craft under their belts and not simply assembly of anything or everything. You need to find manufacturers who have dedicated woodworkers, who are crafting, finishing, and customizing your bunk beds with a quality that is not far behind.

With a Lot of Options Available: Why Solid Wood Bunk Beds for Adults?

When it comes to the price point, furniture made from engineered wood tends to have a less expensive to moderate price but when it comes to the quality they are often easy to damage and cannot be easily repaired. The most common problems faced with manufactured wood pieces are scratches, water stains, cracking, and wrapping. While each has its own set of pros and cons, they are all similar in that they don't offer the durability and stability as long as solid wood bunk beds do.

Here is a bit in depth about solid woods so you know that you are making the right decision before investing in a bunk bed: These surfaces allow for the natural expansion of the wood without splitting as they are made up of planks of wood that are permanently fused together. It can be finished with stain, paint, lacquer, or varnish to protect the wood and add the right color and sheen according to your design preference. If your interior changes or you shift to a new place, solid wood can be repaired or refinished.

Here are some notable features of a solid wood surface:

  • Natural wood grain visible and matches throughout the piece
  • No splices, cracks, gaps, or splinters
  • No visible glue or adhesive as none is used
  • Finely sanded
  • To avoid defects, moisture content during construction is kept between 5% and 7%
  • Two coats of lacquer or varnish to protect the wood
  • Surface coatings that meet environmental standards

Reasons Why You Should Choose Solid Wood Bunk Beds

1. Classic and Quality Decor: Solid wood furniture is very versatile in the home and pairs well with a range of styles and other furniture and home decor items. Beyond looking beautiful, it can also bring a feel of classic and quality decor to your home. However, it is a costly initial investment, the quality is incredibly durable and the furniture is designed and produced to last for generations. Each piece has its own unique character as it is naturally produced that is harvested from wood sources instead of being manufactured, no two pieces are exactly alike.

2. A solid wood bunk bed will last you a very long time: Due to the nature of the material, solid wood outlasts any other material. It can withstand the wear and tear that comes from daily use and often requires minimal maintenance. For instance, if a solid wood piece does start to show its age, it can be beautifully restored or even refinished throughout the generations. You can't do it with engineered wood, once it is gone it can't be restored. So, if you are looking for a timeless piece of furniture that's both durable and easy to maintain- solid wood bunk beds would be the ideal choice.

3. Customized to your requirements: It is quite simple, when you purchase furniture from a big box store you don't get to customize all the aspects of your bunk beds. You have to buy and bring home what you see and make adjustments to your place accordingly. When working with manufacturers, you can customize the dimensions, wood type, stain color, and feature on your bunk bed. You can truly have a unique piece that fits in seamlessly with your decor.

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