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How to Reconnect HP Printer to Your Home Wifi Network

Barry Smith
How to Reconnect HP Printer to Your Home Wifi Network

An HP Printer offers several conveniences; however, sometimes they may undergo some network problems like the Wi-Fi network getting knocked off.

And if you want to know: How To Reconnect My HP Printer To My Wi-Fi? Read this article thoroughly.


Why Is My HP Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi? 

The most frustrating reason for the disconnection of the printer from the network is a power failure. The printer may still show its status as offline even after connecting the power.

Other reasons may be: 

  • The weak signal strength of Wi-Fi,
  • Incorrect or misconfigured Bluetooth settings
  • USB cable is damaged
  • Outdated Printer Drivers
  • Several printers may be connected to a single computer
  • The distance between printer and computer is long
  • The print queue is holding many jobs
  • Interference from VPNs installed

Without wasting much time, let’s see what can we do to resolve the issue:

How To Reconnect The HP Printer To Wi-Fi?

Restart The Router: 

Unplug the power cord from the router. Wait for at least 10 seconds and reconnect the power again. 

Set Up The Printer Once Again:

To restore Wi-Fi setup mode, use the control panel of the printer. There is a wireless button on the back of the printer. 

  • Press and hold the wireless button for five seconds. 
  • Wait until the Status light turns purple.
  • Add the printer name for the complete setup.
  • Reconfigure the printer in the Wireless Network.
  • Unplug the power cord of the printer to turn it off. 
  • Turn off the computer or other device used to give printing commands.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the printer and turn it on. 
  • Restart the router as explained before.

Wait for the internet service to get restored. The Internet service got interrupted due to the router being in an off position.

After waiting for 3 minutes, turn on the computer. Connect the printer and the wireless network with each other.

Setting up the printer again may help it to reconnect with the network but in case, it fails to do so then you might be looking for the reasons and asking:

Why My Hp Printer Won't Connect To Wi-Fi?

Have a look at the remedial actions that you can apply:

Update Your Drivers And Firmware:

Ensure you are using the latest or updated version of each device. Download and install the latest and updated printer driver and software package.

Reboot The Printing Machine:

Sometimes just turning the device off and then turning it back on again works. Press and hold the power button until the printer shuts down.

If you are facing some problem and the printer is telling you that it is busy or may ask you to clear the queue first. Then unplug it completely, then plug it back in. 

Move The Printer Closer To Your Router:

Try moving your printer closer to the router if you’re having connection issues. Even if other devices connected with Wi-Fi work nicely, try this technique. Your printer may require a stronger signal.

Plug the Printer Into Your Router Directly: 

You can plug the printer directly into the router if it does not connect to Wi-Fi. Plug the printer into the router with a USB cable. Wait for a minute before running your printer. You can also share the printer in Windows after the setup.

Ending Words:

This article explains all the possible reasons and the solutions that can be applied to the Issue on Why my HP printer won’t connect to WI-FI. Hope this article helps to resolve the problem. In case you are looking for answers to your queries, then you may contact the experts. They will be happy to help you.

Barry Smith
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