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How Can Designer Cushions be a Recipe for Boho Chic Look?

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How Can Designer Cushions be a Recipe for Boho Chic Look?

Not everyone enjoys the urban-modern look indoors. Some have an inherent fascination for living spaces, which are full of life, unusual items, and elements of culture. The style has a name – Boho Chic. It was in the 19th century that it got popular among vagabonds, and as time took a leap, people started loving it too. Surprisingly, recreating the look indoors takes nothing much but designer cushions, distressed furniture, travel memoirs and ancient art. We are not concerned about the rest, but what blew our minds was the mention of ‘cushions.’ Yes, that humble home décor accessory has the potential of brewing Boho Chic vibes within homes. Interested ones can peruse the rest of the write-up to learn how.

What Constitutes a Boho Chic Look?

By elements of a Boho Chic style, we imply colours, features, textures, and patterns. Fortunately, there are no colour rules but the fact that bohemian opens its arms for colour. When buying tassel cushions or any of those designer ones, stick to sage green, deep brown, emerald-green, striking red, saturated purple, electric blue, and fiery orange. Jewel tones work wonders in offsetting whitewashed walls and the earthy touch brought about by plants.

As for textiles, these are must-haves for the boho style. Add as much layering as you can and cast magic. Lastly, mix plenty of patterns and voila, you are there!

To end with, Boho Chic is all about embracing more to cosy up the interiors. Luxe textiles such as silk and plush velvet can be combined with sisal and burlap to style up living spaces.

Designer Cushions are the Last Puzzle Pieces to Complete a Boho Chic Look

Boho Chic is all about collecting pieces from here and there to decorate your home and use those accessories to narrate a story. If you ever peek into one such home where they have embraced the style with open arms, you will stumble across weird accessories on walls and mismatched furniture. And if you monitor everything closely, you will realise they all have a story to tell. Now, if you are seeking something unique, always remember this interior décor style is your answer.

Tips to Create a Boho Chic Look with Designer Cushions

Here are some ways you can recreate the Boho Chic theme indoors:

  • Choose for yourself a pink velvet block cushion so that it pops against an otherwise muted backdrop. Choose for yourself a pink velvet block cushion so that it pops against an otherwise muted backdrop. Add graphic cushions and create a striking combination to accentuate the look furthermore. Make sure you add variety to the cushion’s colours and shape. Decorate around them with plants, furniture pieces, rugs, etc to add texture and voila, you have your Boho Chic style implemented!

  • You can even pick colours like bright teal for your cushion with lime hues. The essence of choosing such a colour scheme is to provide a rich palette to your room and create a magical ambience. If the cushion colours blend well with the wall colour, the nature-inspired home décor accessories could act as accents. You could add to the depth and texture by adding wool and fur throws besides the quintessential rugs. The mix of varying textiles here can render a curated look and bring about a playful vibe.

  • Yearning to liven up the interiors? Introduce velvet for some texture and a colour combination of yellow and teal. Make sure the sofa has subtle hues for everything to work in harmony. Here, the velvet would add to the warmth and comfort, whereas the patterns, colours and every other element in the room would blend to deliver a seamless look.

Feel free to experiment with the ideas discussed above, keeping the Boho Chic essence in mind. If you think it worked, share your recipe for that theme and influence the readers to recreate the look in their own ways.

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