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7 Benefits of Using Drafting Chairs or Stools - Buying Guide

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Do you have a habit of leaning forward? Are fed up with this habit and going through posture issues and looking for a chair that is perfect for people who are leaning forward, then the best chair for you is a drafting chair. This chair is specially designed to provide support and comfort when you are leaning forward and is perfect for those who want to improve their posture or relieve back pain.

Ergonomic Drafting Chairs and Stools are designed for a variety of applications. The chairs can be pulled up to taller tables and used in applications ranging from laboratories to craft studios. They can also make excellent work chairs for positions such as cashiers or receptionists, or any job that requires employees to remain at eye level with standing customers.

Here are 7 Benefits of Using Drafting Chairs or Stools:

1. A drafting chair provides a fantastic view of the surroundings as you work. By providing you with a comfortable seat and a leg rest, a good drafting chair will enable you to see the world more clearly.

2. It provides your body with the proper kind of support, especially for your back, which should always be at the right angle.

3. Additionally, a drafting chair or stool permits easy blood flow to the buttocks and lower back, which is crucial for lowering stress.

4. By ensuring proper seating posture, this chair enables the creation of a healthy work environment. Even future health issues like bending can be greatly reduced with proper sitting posture.

5. These controls have features like built-in lumber support, adjustable tension tilt, contoured seat, back adjustments, forward tilt, a seat slider, and adjustable arms which provide you comfort.

6. You can purchase for only $170, a decent drafting chair with armrests and an adjustable seat height. whereas office chairs with comparable ergonomic features can cost up to $350.

7. Drafting chairs should be used with standing desks, because of their extended height. Additionally, drafting chairs generally heighten between 20 and 35 inches.

Buying Guide For Drafting Chairs:-


These factors will assist you in selecting the ideal drafting chair for your needs.


1. Ergonomics - Ergonomics is important while you are looking for a drafting chair.

Here are the main ergonomics to consider:

Ø Height Adjustable

Ø Lumbar Support

Ø Good Room

2. Price - You can get a drafting chair for half of the ergonomic chair price.

3. Durability - Longer warranty periods are typically a sign that a chair is

constructed to last for a long time.

4. Style - The drafting chairs and stool should ideally match your other furniture and the decor of the room.

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