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3 Essential Materials You Need To Choose For Your Internally Threaded Labret

3 Essential Materials You Need To Choose For Your Internally Threaded Labret

Do you want to enhance the features of your lips with some piercings? Well, you can have an internally threaded labret in between your lower lip as it would enhance your beauty. Now, you can feel more confident and graceful as well in your personality. 


You can get these beautiful labrets for your lips in different metal options to make your lips charming. With some little modification, you can change your overall look and personality through this lip piercing. You just need to find a suitable shop for this piercing. 


Besides lips, you can also pierce your nose and wear a beautiful gold surgical steel nose ring there. You can click pictures and post them on social media to inspire others to take these actions. Piercing of the nose and ears is very common so you can make beautiful changes with your lip piercing. 


You can get different metals for the different parts of your body where piercing has been done. Let’s find out what material will suit your lips and make you look charming. 


  1. Golden labret 


Gold as a metal is quite soft than other metals and would not create any infection in your piercing areas. For that reason, doctors or sellers of gold jewelry always tell that one should wear a gold ring when piercing ears. Gold labrets will look absolutely stunning and graceful on your lips. 


  • You can have different options if you choose gold as a metal for your labrets. You can choose white gold or rose gold as well for the labrets. As the labret will highlight your face so you can choose rose gold to make it more highlighted. 
  • You can also choose yellow gold or white gold for your labrets to make them unique and sassy. Choosing belly button rings white gold would make you look very much adorable. 


  1. Titanium labret 


You can choose titanium as a metal for your labret if you are piercing for the first time. This metal would not create any infection in your piercing area. Rather, it would provide comfort in your piercing area when you wear it. Moreover, you would look great in this metal, especially on your lips. 


  • Titanium labrets do not contain a single amount of nickel so you can wear them as an alternative to surgical labrets. 


  1. Steel labret 


You can get steel labret when you pierce your lips for the first time. This metal is very common and it would be given to you as a surgical labret. You can also choose this metal if you are looking for a variation. You can find these labrets way cheaper than other metals. 


Finally, you need to choose the metal of your labret as per your mood and choice. You can spend on costly gold labrets or you can adjust with steel labrets also. 

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