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How to Control Wasps Effectively

How to Control Wasps Effectively

Summer heat means more wasps. Although it is not pleasant to think about, this is true. Summer is when wasps can be most active. There are new babies being born. There are many hungry people who are eager to eat and colonies are being formed. This is why there are so many wasps living in backyards all over the country during the warm seasons. Mobile is no exception. Mobile homeowners can access pest control anytime to help them prevent wasps. We've got you covered! Your family will be safe from any bites during the summer months.

Wasps In Mobile

There are many species of wasps. The most common mobile wasp is the mud dauber. There are many species in each group. As a whole, the wasps can be described.

Bald-facehornets can be white or black, with white marks on their faces and bodies. They can be aggressive just like other wasps.

Mud daubers can be very aggressive. They can be found in small groups, and they build small nests of dirt. They can be seen in a variety of colors, including blue with yellow marks and blue.

The paper wasps are small brown wasps with yellow stripes. They look like paper nests and can be found on buildings and in trees.

Yellowjackets have a reputation for being aggressive wasps. They can nest in playsets and outside walls, bushes and underground. They can be either yellow or black.

Wasps in your Yard

Two things to consider if you see wasps in your garden: One is that they may have a nest nearby. You might be able to see wasps building their nests in your yard. Contact us if you find a wasp nest. Pest Control is able to safely wasp nest removal Birmingham. You're likely to be annoyed by the task. You can stop wasps entering your home if you cannot locate an existing nest.

They should have limited access to food. Wasps are attracted to sugar and protein.

You should seal the trash can and clean up around it.

Don't forget to eat outside.

HTML0 You can plant flowers in other places than your home and kids' play area.

Clean up after eating and drinking, especially sweet drinks like soda or juice.

  • They should not be allowed to build nests.
  • You can cut grass and other leaves.
  • Remove all stumps, sticks, and woodpiles from your yard.
  • Check the eaves for signs of nest-building.
  • Closed garages such as sheds or sheds are protected against wasps so that they can't build nests.

Wasp protection and removal

Pest Control is an excellent option to keep wasps away. The pain and potential danger of being stung by wasps can be severe if you have been stung multiple times or are allergic. Since many years, we have been removing nests of wasps from homes like yours. We understand how important safety is to you and will make sure that you're safe this summer.

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