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How does one decide which Biosafety cabinet to choose?

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Chemical storage cabinets and flammable safety cabinets are specifically designed for the safe storage of chemicals and flammable and combustible liquids. They enable the safe storage of acids and corrosive chemicals. These cabinets adhere to rigid quality construction standards, different capacities, door options, factory mutual approval, and diametrically opposed side vents.

Flammable safety cabinets are custom-made to store flammable and combustible liquids, ensuring the safety of both people and products. These should be designed to meet NFPA, OSHA, and FM regulations. These cabinets are usually available in an array of designs and sizes, including manual, self-closing, and bi-fold self-closing doors. These FM approved cabinets are key to storing flammable materials in the proper way as well as isolating certain chemicals from other chemicals. It is crucial to have the right cabinets for your specific workplace elements. Here are some helpful tips to select the best flammable safety cabinets for your work places:  

1.  First of all, one needs to take an inventory of the chemicals required to be stored in your lab. It will give you a good idea of the types and numbers of fire proof cabinets and single IBC pallet required in your lab. When you take your inventory, you need to consider certain things.


Is it possible to group all chemicals together, or do you need to segregate them into multiple cabinets?


Do you have a greater quantity of some chemical types than others?

Do you exceed the volume of chemicals per cabinet as allowed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration?


2.  The amount of space you can allot to chemical storage in your lab will affect the kind of safety flammable cabinet that best suits your needs. When assessing your storage space, you need to consider if these storage cabinets are easily accessible from your workplace or is it too far from your workstation? If these cabinets block doors, entryways, or hallways, you need to choose the other cabinet or make the proper arrangements.


3.  There might be certain compliance requirements. It is important to know the features you need in your cabinet. For this, you may consider certain things:

Do I need to meet a specific code?

Do my safety cabinets need self-closing doors?

Does my need to be tested or approved by Factory Mutual?

Selecting the right door style for your cabinet is also an important decision. It is advised to choose safety cabinets with self-closing and self-latching doors as they offer additional protection and don't require users to be reminded to do so.


Manually Closing Doors: These doors open fully 180 degrees and do not automatically close or self-latch unless they are manually pushed shut.

 Bi-Fold Closing These doors have a single bi-fold sliding door that can self-latch and self-close. They also have a fusible link that keeps the door open when it is in use and melts when the temperature reaches 165°F (74°C), which causes the door to close automatically in fire situations.

 Self-Closing Doors: These doors can self-index, self-latch, and self-close while also being open flush with the front cabinet. This keeps the door closed on its own.

 Selecting a reliable safety cabinet from a plethora of options available in the market might be confusing task. However, by considering all important aspects and doing someresearch, you can find the right cabinets to suit your safety needs. 

Ocean Safety Supplies
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