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Bhagyashree flies off the handle seeing Damodar will be her significant other and her mom OK with it, she approaches her mom and asks her what gibberish is this. Her mom says he is from rich family, you will lead in his home. Bhagyashree says he os my dads age. Desi Tv Her mom says your kundali will not go anyplace and I'm your mom I will do nothing off-base. Bhagyashree says I would rather not wed him. Her mom says you will not pay attention to that dumb Satyeshwar and furthermore like your dad left me, he will not and not a word more you will wed him that is conclusive. Bhagyashree's mom requests that Damodar put ring in Bhagyashree's finger and get ready for marriage. Bhagyashree says no and runsaway.

Bhagyashree recollects Sai's words that he is generally there for himself as well as Satyeshwar's words to find a new line of work in Prem Sena.

Bhagyashree goes to Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar calls her inside. Bhagyashree says Maharaj I need to join Prem Sena. Satyeshwar says you are welcome in our Prem Sena.

Bhagyashree's mom in Dwarka Mai alongside others, She shares with Sai in tears I simply needed to see my girl settled whats my shortcoming in it. Sai places leaves in havan kundh and all begin hacking because of the smoke and leave. Sai puts off the smoke and all stroll back inside. Sai tells everybody for what reason did all of you leave, Baizmaa expresses because of smoke, it was suffocating thus vulnerable we needed to leave. Sai says this occurred with Bhagyashree, I attempted to make sense of. She says I was frightened and didn't believe Bhagyashree should go there. Sai says yet this happened in any event, when you attempted in light of the fact that you caused her to feel that she is a weight.

Satyeshwar awakens and sees guruji remaining close to him, he stifles Satyeshwar with a rope. Satyeshwar awakens and acknowledges it is only a fantasy.

Satyeshwar strolls outside and pour water over himself.

Sai says its basically on the right track to see your children settle however its inappropriate to not consider their desires and figure no one but we can comprehend what is really great for them, we make all plans for wedding yet neglect to plan them or cause them to comprehend what the genuine significance of marriage is and on second thought of remaining with Bhagyashree and against the general public you took an off-base choice, let Bhagyashree develop and feel free and succeed. Bhagyashree's mom says I grasped my misstep Sai however does this mean my slip-up has removed my youngster. Different guardians ask Sai for what valid reason did their children or spouse leave them for Satyeshwar. Patil tells Sai, the circumstance isn't great, individuals are stopping their obligation and soon many will leave and afterward how might the old make due. Sai says have tolerance and confidence and the individuals who make lopsidedness will confront irregularity, God isn't content with what's going on and will before long fix it.

Bhagyashree is invited in Prem Sena, Satyeshwar says now nobody will deal with you like you are a weight and presently you should stop your family and society and consider Prem Sena as your main family, will you acknowledge this. Bhagyashree says OK. Satyeshwar going to put mala in Bhagyashree's neck, Sai strolls in and stops Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar tells Sai, Sai you are master of numerous and I regard you however you can't meddle in my own work. Sai says here the matter is about a mother and girl who will be isolated for ever, her mom has perceived her slip-up and its little girls turn. Bhagyashree says you understand what Aai did. Sai says assuming that she considered you unfortunate, she could never ponder your marriage or save for you, her choice was off-base and presently she needs to fix it and will you break all ties for one misstep, this isn't you, you understand what your mom has gone through. Bhagyashree recollects how she got her mom to Dwarka Mai so her mom would rest when she was a youngster and use to tell her mom that she will constantly deal with her mom even after when she gets hitched.

Sai tells Bhagyashree, I realize that Bhagyashree who puts stock in change and regard ceremonies, cherished her mom and comprehended her battles as well and if you would rather not wed I will uphold you however you are taking this since you are frightened very much like your mom did. https://yodesitvserial.com/

APkk Nikee
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