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How WebWork Time Tracker Helps Avoid Distractions

Sona Davityan
How WebWork Time Tracker Helps Avoid Distractions

The incorporation of technologies in the work field simplified the overall work process for everyone. Employees can do multiple things at once, communication is a matter of seconds, and project management is easier than ever before. Despite the many benefits that tech solutions brought with them, they also brought forward new types of distractions. Different types of distractions have always been there, but now they have multiplied. 

WebWork is a time tracking tool that helps avoid or block distractions. It has a variety of tools and features that help the user focus on work or other activities they need.

In this article, we will be looking at types of distractions and how WebWork helps avoid them. 

Types of Distractions

Distractions - the thieves of productivity. They are everywhere, waiting to steal your attention and distract you, especially when you have work to do. This can not only be work, but also study, or anything else that requires concentration.  

Let’s take a look at the most common distractions. 


I know you expected to see them here. Ever since they became smart and more than a communication device, they became a threat for productivity. Features like chats, access to the internet, email, social media and more are the main reasons for distraction. Especially at work, phones are one of the top distractors

Imagine trying to work and getting a notification. You immediately want to know what it is, where it is from or what if it’s something important. You take your phone, check it and lose your concentration on work. Even if it is something not important, you’ve already broken the concentration chain. And sometimes it is harder to get back into the flow of work, especially if this happens often. 


Working in the office equals chitchats. They are inevitable, whether you are involved in one or not. It may be a coworker stopping by for a chat, or a conversation stemming from a work-related discussion, or just small talk in the hallway. It may not only distract you from your work, but also make it harder to go back. 

Social networks

These are one of the biggest modern problems affecting productivity and attention span. It is common knowledge that people get a serotonin boost whenever they browse social media. In the workplace people use social media as a way to unwind, but sometimes it takes them longer than they expect, sometimes a lot longer.

Entertainment websites

We all love YouTube, especially when we’re bored. It gives us all sorts of recommendations, sometimes for videos you’d never even think of searching for. The other day I got a recommendation for a watermelon time lapse, and I watched all of it, all 609 days until its decomposition, sped up of course. Luckily, I was at home, but you never know where and when a watermelon video will divert your attention. 

YouTube and other similar websites are another way of unwinding in the workplace and if one lacks self-discipline, they are off to a risky business. 


Noise is one of the most common distractors too. Whether one is in the office, at home, or outside, there is always a chance of some noise. In the office it’s the hustle and bustle of coworkers, at home it may be pets and children, and outside it may be just anything, such as cars and construction noises. 

All of these are pretty common distractions and happen to anyone. There are different tried and tested ways to reduce the effect of distractions, however, they don’t work for everyone. However, there is WebWork, which is a pro at limiting distractions and promises to work for everyone. 

Let’s see how it deals with distractions.

What is WebWork Time Tracker?

WebWork is a time tracker with the functionalities of a task manager and a chat as well. Other than helping teams and individuals improve their time management and save time, WebWork also works well in recognizing and eliminating distractions. Thus, it helps improve productivity too.

WebWork has a wide range of functionalities. These serve different purposes ranging from time management to communication. 

Let’s take a quick look at the features and then we’ll see how they deal with distractions.

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  • Time Tracking
  • Activity Level
  • App and Website Usage
  • Activity Description
  • Productivity
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Key Features of WebWork

The key features of WebWork work well in eliminating distractions. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

Time Tracking

WebWork is initially a time tracking tool, meaning it enables users to track their time on any activity. As the tracker works both on desktop and mobile, users can track time whenever they want. They can track time not only onsite but also on the move. Also, it is really easy to do. You simply need to click “Start” on the tracker and it will do the rest for you. The tracker also has the option of autostart, so you don’t have to start it manually. 

Activity Level

WebWork has a feature that shows users their activity level for each day of using the tracker. The tracker measures the activity level based on the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes. The user can see their activity level in colors and percentages based on how much they use the device that the tracker is running on. 

App and Website Usage

WebWork gives detailed information about the usage of apps and websites. The user gets to see how much time they spend on each app and website. If a team is using WebWork, both the employer and the employee will be able to see the app and website usage of each employee. 

Activity Description 

Whenever the users start the tracker, they can write the activity description so that later they have a visual representation of how their time was spent. In teams, the employer will also be aware of what each employee is doing. 

Productivity Level

WebWork measures the productivity level of users as well. It does so by recording the number of mouse clicks, keystrokes and time spent on productive platforms. Initially, the user can mark apps and websites as productive, neutral and non-productive. Then, the tracker uses that information to measure the user’s productivity.

How WebWork Helps Avoid Distractions

All the above-mentioned features of WebWork deal with the problem of distraction very well. 

It works especially well for users with a lack of self-discipline. 

Let’s take a look at how each feature deals with distractions in its way.

Know exactly where your time goes 

The feature of time tracking enables users to see where their time goes and what exactly their every second is spent on. What’s easy about time tracking on WebWork is that it does it all automatically, without the user’s intervention. The tracker starts automatically when the device is turned on and stops whenever it detects no activity for several minutes. 

You will get detailed reports on their tracked time, which includes how much time was spent on what apps and websites. Depending on the set productive level of a platform, WebWork decides whether your time was spent productively or not. Based on this information you can find the distractions, and how much time they take and eliminate them gradually or straight away. 

Know how involved you were in work 

Know not only where your time went, but also how actively involved in work you were throughout the day. WebWork measures and shows you your activity level based on the number of your mouse clicks and keystrokes. That way you can see when you weren’t as active as necessary, find the reason and work on the distraction that prevented you from working. 

Limit your time on distracting apps and websites

We all know which apps and websites waste our time, yet we can’t control our time spent on them. WebWork is there to assist. First, you need to mark such websites and apps as non-productive. Then, whenever you go there and spend some time on them, WebWork will open a pop-up to remind you that you are on a non-productive platform. That way you will quickly remember your promise to yourself and go back to work.

Monitor your productivity

When you know how productive or non-productive you are throughout the day, you are more likely to manage your distractions better. You learn to control your time and organize it in a way to avoid distractions. You become more mindful of your actions and learn to control the urge toward distractions. 


Everyone is exposed to distractions all the time. However, some are affected by it more than others. That’s because some people learn to control their time better and avoid distractions, usually with supporting tools. WebWork is a time management tool that’s been helping individuals and teams deal with distractions. With its tools like time tracking, productivity monitoring, app and website usage and more, you will learn to be in control of your time and your actions. As a result, you will recognize distractions faster and eliminate them with little effort.

Sona Davityan
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