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Why You Should Not Delay Fire Damage Restoration in Sandy Springs, Georgia

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Why You Should Not Delay Fire Damage Restoration in Sandy Springs, Georgia

The National Fire Protection Association reports that in 2020, local fire departments in the United States responded to 1,338,500 fire incidents. Further, these fires resulted in "3,500 civilian deaths, 15,200 civilian injuries, and $21.9 billion in property damage" (Ahrens and Evarts, NFPA's "Fire Loss in the United States During 2020").

Fires are unfortunate and unforeseen events that can raze your home or business. To prevent further damage from smoke, soot, and odor, you have to secure professional services whether the damage is small or extensive. Fire damage restoration in Sandy Springs, GA is a complex process that should be worked on immediately with the proper tools and knowledge.

Learn about fires and why it is important not to delay fire damage restoration from the experts of ServiceMaster by LoveJoy.

Classes of Fire

Fires come in different types, any of which can burn your building and valuable possessions. These are the different classifications of fire as per the United States standards:

Class A

  • Class A fires utilize common flammable materials, such as wood, paper, fabric, and plastic, as their fuel source.
  • Class A fires can be put out by water or monoammonium phosphate.

Class B

  • Class B fires come from flammable liquids and gases, including petroleum and gasoline, propane, and butane.
  • Smothering is a common method to put out Class B fires.

Class C

  • Class C fires are electrical fires, originating from electrical components, energized equipment, motors, appliances, and electronic transformers.
  • To extinguish electrical fires, cut the power off and use non-conductive chemicals as an extinguisher.

Class D

  • Class D fires use combustible metals, such as aluminum, magnesium, potassium, and titanium, as their fuel source. They are a danger in laboratory environments.
  • To extinguish a Class D fire, use a dry powder agent to absorb the heat the fire requires to burn and to smother it as well.

Class K

  • A Class K fire is combusted from liquids used in food preparation. Technically a type of liquid fire, Class K fires are distinct enough to warrant their classification. 
  • Class K fires can come from greases, cooking oils, vegetable fat, and animal fat. They can be put out by wet chemical fire extinguishers. Never use water to put out a grease fire!

Why You Should Never Delay Fire Damage Restoration

  • If you ever experience a fire, it’s important to know what to do and what’s involved in the restoration process—whether you want to tackle the task yourself or decide that you need the help of professionals. We would always recommend that you seek professional advice before attempting to clean fire damage by yourself. 
  • After a fire, call your insurance company to report the incident, then let them know that you’ll be working with a fire restoration contractor in Sandy Springs, GA as soon as possible.
  • It’s important to understand that fire damage restoration isn’t something you can do on your own. Not only can you miss important signs of damage that can make your home unsafe to occupy, but you can also endanger yourself when trying to work with damaged materials or areas in your home. 
  • licensed and insured restoration company in your area can help restore the effects of a fire. Unlike ordinary home contractors, the best fire damage restoration experts specialize in finding and repairing damage rather than just improving your home's appearance.
  • Smoke and fire restoration professionals will visit your home as soon as possible after you contact them. They understand that the longer they wait to visit and assess your property, the more advanced the damage becomes. This makes it more difficult for them to reverse the effects of a fire in your home. 
  • After an initial inspection, the contractor’s team will remove your personal belongings and salvage what they can. They will then begin the repair process and communicate it to you, working quickly to prevent damage like smoke stains from getting worse.

Our efficient and qualified fire restoration and repair experts have the experience and know-how to handle any problem due to a fire. Give us a call today! 

Servicemaster by Lovejoy
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