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How to Optimize Ecommerce Site Search for your Online Store

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How to Optimize Ecommerce Site Search for your Online Store

Site search is often seen by many businesses as a checklist to be checked on. Site search is becoming more important than ever as acquisition becomes harder and customer expectations are higher than ever. Companies that don't fully leverage site search are missing the opportunity.

Site search can be a powerful business tool that drives sales, conversions and positive user experiences. This all depends on how you configure your site search. You can make your search a competitive advantage by carefully considering your ecommerce site search strategy.

What is eCommerce site search?

An eCommerce site search solution can be integrated or built-in to your online store. It matches the search terms of the user with your goods to find the product they are looking for. Site search includes faceted search, product rank, synonym management, and the search box.

In certain ways, eCommerce search engines can be compared to Google search. Google searches for text and content, while eCommerce searches for organized attributes, which includes filtering and sorting.

Why does eCommerce Search Matter? 

The power of on-site search is an important feature for eCommerce stores. It not only helps high-intent shoppers find what they are looking for quickly, but also provides valuable data about your customers, their opinions about products and services, and how to tailor your offer for them.

B2B buyers are highly sensitive to search speed, relevancy, accuracy, presentation, and other factors. These should all be considered when building an eCommerce website. Poor site search and irrelevant search results can affect conversion rates. Only 20% of users who search for information submit another query after their initial search. 21% leave the site in despair.

To ensure your site ranks higher in search results, we have compiled all of the best practices from the industry and shared them with you. We'll discuss the many elements that influence eCommerce site search, and provide insight into some eCommerce search metrics to help you stand out.

Importance of site search in your store

How valuable is site-search? While less than 10% of site visitors perform search queries, 40% of revenue comes from these searchers. Many e-commerce sites fail to invest in optimizing search engines for their site.

Site search features such as promoted banners and recommended items, filters and facets, can drive product discovery and content creation. This allows customers to interact with relevant content and products on your site they didn't know about before. It creates an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back.

Make your ecommerce site search more effective

Your site's e-commerce site search is a major hindrance to revenue and potential customers. These best practices for e-commerce site searches can significantly improve the design of your website search.

1. Filter results

Users should have the ability to filter search results in order to quickly find the products or content they are looking for. This can be done by offering filters and facets to narrow down search results by brand, color and price.

2. Use autocomplete

Smart search autocomplete is a powerful UI tool. A dropdown of suggestions for more popular or specific queries appears when users type in a query.

3. Optimize breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a way for users to navigate to the product they want without having to re-run their search. For example, users can adjust the granularity of searches by creating a visual hierarchy of categories.

4. Use a federated searching interface

A federated search interface is one of the easiest and most seamless ways that visitors can view content and products from across the site. Federated searches can be used to pull content from many sources, including tutorials, video, resource pages, blogs, and products. The page's results can be sorted by relevance and importance to the original query.

5. Personalize your results

Google is becoming more personal, and customers are more used to personalized search results. Google uses data like location and past searches, but e-commerce websites can personalize search results based upon the user's online activity and incorporate the profile into their ranking strategy.

Why choose Wizzy's Ecommerce Site Search Solutions

Optimized site searches can increase your site usage, sales and conversion rates. They also help to boost branding, loyalty and retention. According to eConsultancy research, 30% of eCommerce site visitors arrive on the site with a specific product in their mind. They aren't searching for anything, they know exactly what they want and are ready to buy it. All you need to do is give them the right answers.

It is crucial to choose the right solution for your online store. There are two main options when evaluating ecommerce site search tools: either building it yourself or purchasing it from a third party provider.

Request a demo at Wizzy to see how the Ecommerce Site Search Software works for your online store and how it will help you increase your sales. Wizzy, an ecommerce site search company, understands natural language, offers faceted search best practices, fast autocomplete search with advanced search filters, and real-time search analytics on a dashboard.

Wizzy Site Search
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