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AC Infinity In Australia are the keys to Save Eco-System and build a Better World

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AC Infinity In Australia are the keys to Save Eco-System and build a Better World

The UIS™ platform is the revolution to keep the balance of the ecosystem and environmental output. The integrated automation technique runs a series of controllers and other devices together. This advanced intelligent equipment works in the present environment with the collective process of circulation fans, ventilation fans, and lights to act proper and gain precision of 100%. The advanced designed program maintains the output execution.

Two Revolutionary Inventions Of AC Infinity Technology

AC Infinity Temperature Humidity Controller

Product Description

The ac infinity fans are working quietly with cutting-edge technology intelligently. An inline outlet is enough to ventilate the room for hydroponic growth. It also boosts the heating or cooling state of a room, circulation of fresh air, and cooling AV closet. The most exciting thing is that it can maintain heavy airflow under robust pressure application with an EC motor. Also, there is a PWM controller, which is enough eco-friendly and energy-efficient device.

The motor box is very much easy to clean and maintain. This smart controller device can connect to another fan with the help of a designed time frame in the dynamic state. A complete kit holds:

  • An inline outlet fan
  • One thermal controller
  • One corded thermal cone
  • Two duct clamps
  • Installation manual
  • Mandatory hardware

The ac infinity Australia is designed in a way that integrates with nature and ecological balance.

Smart Controller

The advanced programming of the smart controller is efficient enough to control fan speed along with temperature and humidity. Generally, the fan runs at its essential speed, but when the device triggers the dynamic speed, the fan speed will increase that way.

You can also get customized activation on time, cycle, and modes of operation. You can connect the device with the ac infinity app via Bluetooth and operate the fan remotely. In addition, you can also unlock notifications on advanced programs, view dynamic climate graphs, and get CSV data. With these facilities, you can also connect the controller with your UIS.

Quiet and Energy Efficient Design

The technology in this intelligent controller is efficient in making PWM run smoothly at low RPM without producing any additional noise, not even heat. In addition, the duct fan runs the strategy of a mixed flow with the help of a dual hydrodynamic wind trigger and a stator blade. This method controls the airflow under high-pressure circumstances and restricts the air movement in a harsh climate.


The advanced AC infinity fan controller holds many applications, including closets, cabinets, cooling AV rooms, and racks. Due to low noise and heat control characteristics, the device is also suitable for air circulation. The device can also ideally ventilate the hydroponic from rooms, bathrooms, attics, tents, and other objects in your room.

AC Infinity Air Filtration Kit

Product Overview

As the advanced intelligent controller triggers the temperature and humidity, it also can filter the air circulation in your room to spread fresh air. It is only possible for carbon filtration through the carbon growing cycle. The entire process is designed to remove odours from certain areas where hydroponic growth.

It will be the perfect fit if you opt for AC infinity for your home, tent, closet, or office for standard ventilation, odor removal, and cooling. This device works excellently in growing areas. Even this device is easy to install, clean, and use.

Smart Controller

The induced advanced controller in this device not only ventilates and circulates the fresh air but also can maintain the fan speed smoothly according to humidity and temperature. Also, you can access your device remotely by installing the app on your mobile phone.

Superior Odor Control

It worsens when your room spreads odors from growing areas to other corners. That's why we say the AC infinity odor controller and filtration processor is the superior device you can consider anytime for your space. The charcoal equipped with the device belongs to Australian Virgin Charcoal.

Extra Benefits

This AC infinity air filtration kit is quite a good choice for people in the present scenario. It is efficient enough to cool down AV rooms, closets, and cabinets.

AC Infinity App

You can easily connect your intelligent controllers to your AC Infinity app. Installing this app on your mobile device can use its highest potential. Above all, this high-tech app contains some unique features; they are:

  • Secured process to control the device remotely
  • Access smart automation
  • Set alarms for upgraded notifications
  • View dynamic climate change on graphical execution
  • Getting the CSV data and many others

Connecting the device with your mobile via Bluetooth is a very hassle-free process. You can use a hygrometer model to keep your spaces fresh and filtered.


The outlet process involves heaters, A/C, and humidifiers. These are very easy to induce in the system. Each assembled device is calibrated correctly, maintained, précised, and automated. They all function for the greater output in respect of ideal environmental phenomena.

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