How To Find Buyer Intent Keywords For Google Ads

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Wondering how to find buyer intent keywords? Here is a guide to finding keywords to help you set up your Google Ads account. Watch the video now!

What Are Buyer Intent Keywords?

Buyer intent keywords are the words that people type in their search engine queries to find a product or service. For example, if someone searches for “online shopping”, they may be looking for a store to buy something from.

The use of buyer intent keywords is very important because it can help you target your ads and content so that you’re reaching the right audience. For example, if someone types in “online shopping” and you have an online store, then this person is likely looking for a store to buy something from. This is an opportunity for your business to get their attention and show them what you have to offer.

Where Do I Find Buyer Intent Keywords?

Buyer intent is a measure of how likely a user is to purchase a product or service. It is an important metric for marketers and SEO specialists. With the help of keyword research tools, it is easy to find out if the keywords have high buyer intent.

If you are not sure about whether your keywords have high buyer intent, then you can use Google Ads Keyword Tool. You can also use Google Trends which shows the interest in a particular keyword over time.

20 Buyer Intent Keyword List For Google Ads

  • buy [product/service] i.e: buy iPhone 14 pro max
  • get [product/service] i.e: get iPhone 14 pro max
  • where to buy [product/service] i.e: where to buy iPhone 14 pro max
  • [product/service] suppliers i.e: iPhone 14 pro max suppliers 
  • [product/service] discount i.e: iPhone 14 pro max discount 
  • [product/service] coupon i.e: iPhone 14 pro max coupon
  • [product/service] deal i.e: iPhone 14 pro max deal 
  • best [product/service] i.e: best video recording software 
  • buy [product/service] online i.e: buy iPhone 14 pro max online
  • [product/service] review i.e: iPhone 14 pro max review
  • [product/service] promo code i.e: Google Ads promo code
  • [product/service] sale i.e: iPhone 14 pro max sale
  • I want a [product/service] i.e: I want an iPhone 14 pro max 
  • where can I buy [product/service] i.e: where can I buy iPhone 14 pro max 
  • online [product/service] store i.e: online apple store
  • [product/service] near me i.e: dentist near me
  • [product/service] for sale i.e: iPhone 14 pro max for sale
  • [product/service] to buy i.e: iPhone 14 pro max to buy
  • [product/service] companies i.e: digital marketing companies
  • Best + [product/service] + [ in year ] i.e: best smartphone 2022

In summary, there are keywords that will bring you closer to converting your website visitors into paying customers. We recommend testing out ones that include your product or service and an action word- for example, “buy now” or “gift card”. Let us know if these phrases work for you too.

What Are High-Intent Keywords?

High-intent keywords are keywords that have a high conversion rate. They are usually used by advertisers who want to target customers who have already shown interest in their products or services.

Advertisers use these keywords to get the attention of potential customers and make them take the desired action. High-intent keywords can be found by analyzing data from search engines, social media, and other platforms where people share their interests.

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