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Is it Possible to Back Out of a Car Purchase Agreement?

Allen Stewart
Is it Possible to Back Out of a Car Purchase Agreement?

Although buying a used or new car is common, not all deals meet the customer's expectations. You can realize that you don't like how a car handles after a day or two of driving it, or you might learn that it has mechanical issues.


Car purchasers commonly inquire, "Can I back out of a car deal after signing a bill of sale?" However, it could be challenging to back out of a contract once the documentation is signed.


This article explains the circumstances under which a buyer can rescind the car buying contract. 


When is a car purchase agreement subject to cancellation?


If the dealer has agreed to a conditional sale, often known as a "yo-yo sale," it is one of the rare situations that could result in the cancellation of a new car purchase agreement. In this scenario, you sign a contract to buy the automobile, and the dealer lets you take the car before getting the go-ahead from the third-party lender to which it is trying to sell your loan. The dealer will renounce the agreement if financing is rejected.


You have 24 hours to return the car in its original condition, and the dealer has to give you your trade-in value and down payment back without deducting anything for usage or mileage. Otherwise, you risk having the car repossessed. In the event you're wondering "Can I back out of a car deal after signing a bill of sale?" you need to be aware that only the dealership has the right to cancel; you do not.


What circumstances does the buyer have a case for return?


"Can a buyer cancel a vehicle dealership contract?" is what you want to know. Well, the answer is, occasionally, but there is more to it than that.


You may have a case for canceling the car purchase contract and returning the car for a full refund if a dealership purposefully misled you into buying a car. It could be through false advertising, failing to disclose the full price or terms of financing, misrepresenting the accident history or condition of the vehicle, or any other form of fraud.


You could also be allowed to return your new car if you think it has a mechanical problem and is covered by the Lemon Law. These issues can usually be resolved directly with the dealership, but if the dealer is tough, you could need assistance from a consumer attorney.


One alternative is to speak with the sales manager and persuade him or her to accept the automobile back because you changed your mind and no longer believe it is the correct match if there is no valid reason for you to back out of the contract.


Wrapping up


That should answer the query, "Can a buyer cancel a car dealership contract?" If you anticipate having to return a vehicle, being better prepared in advance can be beneficial in the long run. Please contact Allen Stewart's attorneys for legal assistance from a lemon law expert.

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Allen Stewart
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