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Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia Medical Colleges

Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia Medical Colleges

Russia is the largest country in the world by area and 6th by Population. The area of Russia is 17,098,246 Km2 and the population of Russia is 145,864,296. Moscow is the capital of Russia and the official language of Russia is Russian. Russia is divided into two continents: Europe and Asia. The Asian part of Russia is called siberia. Russia shares borders with 14 countries. Russia is very popular for higher education for students, especially in Medical Education. Many MBBS Institutions in Russia and many Indian students go to Russia to complete their MBBS degrees. Russia is a very convenient country for MBBS students to study, but there are some advantages disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia

The Russian Medical Colleges is known for its affordable and high-rated medical education, especially MBBS courses. The Russian Medical colleges have advanced and modern medical facilities. Most Medical colleges in Russia offer MBBS courses, which are considered to be among the best medical universities in the world. Russia is one of the most popular countries among Indian students to complete their MBBS courses and fulfill their dream of becoming successful Doctors. Also, Russian Medical colleges have an important facility that allows Indian MBBS students to work as interns or resident doctors in various reputed hospitals. The Russian government provides subsidies to their Medical colleges. So, doing MBBS from Russian Medical Colleges is very affordable compared to Indian Medical Colleges.

No Donation: 

No Donation fee is required in Russian Medical colleges, the Russian Government provides subsidies to their medical colleges. Private Medical colleges in India demand Donations for MBBS admission.

Affordable fee: 

The fee in Russian Medical colleges for MBBS courses is very affordable 15 to 40 lakhs to complete MBBS courses according to chosen Universities. Russia has low tuition fees.

No Entrance Test for MBBS Admission: 

No Entrance test is required to take admission to MBBS courses at Russian Medical Colleges. Generally, To be admitted to an MBBS course in Russian Medical college, It is necessary to pass 12th. Some colleges' preferences will be granted if students scored above 55% for general categories 50% for reserved categories in their 12th class and clear the NEET exam.


One important advantage of studying MBBS in Russia is that Medical colleges in Russia provide coaching classes for the NEXT exam and MCI screening training for practice in India at no additional fee.

Recognized Colleges for MBBS: 

  • MBBS colleges in Russia are Recognized by the World Health Organization(WHO) and the Medical Council of India(MCI)
  • MBBS colleges in Russia are affiliated with the Government of Russia. 
  • MBBS colleges in Russia are also recognized by the European Council and UNESCO.


The MBBS courses are taught in many Russian Medical colleges in the English language, So foreign students easily understand the MBBS classes. And some colleges use both Russian and English. Colleges taught the Russian language for one extra year so that students could easily communicate with locals and patients during the internship.

Hostel Accommodation: 

Most Russian Medical colleges have world-class hostels for their students. Hostels have many facilities for students. They provide 2-3 sharing beds to students. Living costs are very affordable and reasonable in Russia. Hostels have mess facilities for students, Mess provides all types of food to students including indian food too. The food quality is very good, healthy, and hygienic. Also, the hostel campus is fully loaded with WIFI so students study online also in their free time. Indoor Outdoor games are played by students. Separates hostels for both Boys and Girls. In one room 2-3 beds are shared with students and a separate kitchen, laundry, and washroom are available in every room. Water heaters are fitted in the bathroom to take a bath in winter. 

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS In Russia for India Students

Climate Of Russia: 

Russia is One of the Coldest countries in the World. The average climate of Russia ranges from a low of -7.78° C (18° F) in the winter to a high of 23.79° C (75° F) in the summer. Precipitation is mostly lower. Winds are very dry in large parts of Russia, and humidity is also low as the weather gets colder. 

Indian students take some time to get used to the weather in Russia. Indian and Russian weather is totally different. After some time, When Indian Students become accustomed to the Russian climate they enjoy the climate of Russia, and Students study here very comfortably. 

Language of Russia for MBBS Student: 

Indian students know the English language, and mostly Indian students depend on the English language to study any courses abroad. Few MBBS colleges in Russia use Russian as a medium of education. Most MBBS colleges provide education in both Russian and English language in the starting years of the lecture of MBBS courses in English. But don’t worry there are some MBBS colleges that offer students a full English course. 

Most of the Russian population speaks Russian for communication so if you learn Russian it's very helpful for you to live in Russia. During the Practical and practice period in their academic curriculum, The students are able to communicate with the patients in order to understand the illness and the patient history. So without speaking Russian it is really hard for an MBBS student to practice medicine in Russia. After learning the Russian language students can take a good vacation in Russia and learn about the culture and civilization of Russia. 

Course Duration for study MBBS from Russia:

Different from India, the duration of MBBS courses in Russia is 5.8 years. This is longer than in different other countries like Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. If the duration of an MBBS degree in all countries is equal, Then why should a medical student travel to Russia to study MBBS courses from abroad? If the students find an MBBS college in Russia that provides a full English MBBS course then the time of education course is just 6 years. In Russian BIlingual medical colleges of MBBS courses, It is compulsory to study Russian first, and then the medical student is allowed to proceed to the main course. So the course duration would be 6.8 years. 

Lack Of Information: 

Many times the student is being given the wrong information by some people and consultants. So you get the right information from Dreammedicine. Our team is very good, experienced, and Knowledgeable so they give you full information about Study MBBS in Russia. 


Good food is very important for the students. Food in Russia is a concern for Indian students who want to study MBBS in Russia. Most Medical colleges provide admission to Indian students. They provide Indian food in their hostel for Indian students. But all weekdays it's not possible to provide Indian food in their hostel’s mess because There are many other countries living there. So All types of food are provided to the students. Many Indian students make their food by themselves in the campus kitchen. 


There are many good Medical colleges In Russia for MBBS study. MBBS in Russia is very affordable. If you choose an MBBS college and rightly consider some important points mentioned above then doing MBBS in Russia is a very good and affordable option for students. Every year Many Students from India go to Russia for MBBS and fulfill their dream to become a Doctor. It is always advisable and good for students to take their accommodation, and hostel facility provided by the university within their campus as it ensures safety and security to the Students.

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