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Top 10 Rehab Centres in North India

The Hermitage Rehab
Top 10 Rehab Centres in North India

One of the finest options for treating addiction is a rehab facility. Residential rehab is an alcohol or drug addiction treatment program that offers addicts close attention and assistance. Although rehabs have been around for a while, they have always been stigmatised. People's health has recently received more attention than people's thoughts. Additionally, rehab centres have developed independently. Here is the List of the Top 10 Rehab Centres in North India. You can Directly approach to given listing:- 

The Hermitage Rehab

One of Amritsar's top rehabilitation facilities is Hermitage Rehab. They offer the best facilities and a warm, safe, and secure environment that makes it feel like home. The cuisine there is nutritious and specially prepared to meet any necessary dietary requirements. As they listen to patients go through their feelings and emotions, their team of highly qualified specialists puts themselves in the patient's shoes and provides the ultimate comfort and safety.

Safe House Wellness Retreat

Patients from all over the world have received care at Safe House wellness Retreat thanks to the greatest team and top-notch amenities. They offer treatments for many different addictions, such as those to alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, and more. They have treated patients from almost every state and come highly recommended by renowned Indian psychiatrists.

Alpha Healing Centre

The Alpha Healing Centre provides therapy for a range of mental and behavioral issues, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, melancholy, rage, anxiety, and aggression. It also provides care for alcohol and drug addiction. A well-equipped kitchen, a sitting area, a dining area, and a recreation room are all included in the construction of the facility. It also has bedrooms with associated bathrooms. Medication, behavioural therapy, counselling, and support groups are all part of the treatment program here.

Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre

The Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre has a large infrastructure of four acres of greenery in a peaceful valley, which offers a calm and pleasant environment to facilitate the healing process. They offer support, care, rehab, and prevention of alcohol and mood-altering drug addiction. They provide for the unique requirements of addicts with a specialist staff of doctors and psychologists.

Living Sober Rehab

Free treatment sessions and business programs are offered by the opulent de-addiction facility Living Sober Rehab. One of the most popular destinations for recovering alcoholics. Here, patients can enroll in both residential and outpatient therapies. Patients can receive rehab treatments at the Nasha Mukti Kendra, which is largely an integrated cell.

Prapti Welfare Society

The right to speech, action, livelihood, awareness, intentions and meditation for dealing with addiction disorders are all highlighted in the Prapti Welfare Society's distinctive worldview. The Center offers a blending of many personalities to further shape them into useful members of society.

Shafa Home

In India, Shafa Home is one of the largest and oldest correctional, detoxification, and rehabilitation facilities for both men and women who have struggled with drug misuse and other issues. This is one of India's most prestigious locations.

Nasha Mukti Kendra

People who are suffering from addiction might get healing and detoxification at Nasha Mukti Kendra. The centre, which is supported by a top-notch staff of qualified psychologists and psychiatrists, provides a comprehensive platform for obtaining individual and family counselling, educational talks, as well as engaging in other activities like yoga and group therapy, providing a one-stop solution for escaping the grip of addiction.

Anatta Humanversity

One of the most well-known rehabilitation facilities in India that provides care for those who abuse drugs and other substances is the Anatta Humanversity. All around India, the centre has branches. The centre's therapeutic approach entails psycho-spiritual therapy, a cutting-edge technique for soothing the mind as well as spiritual healing from any prior trauma.

Tulasi Healthcare

Drug addiction is generally regarded as an unfixable problem and is therefore taboo in this community. Many people think there is just one bottomless pit from which there is no way out. One pit stop in the battle against such taboos and raising awareness for a condition like drug addiction is Tulasi Healthcare, a non-profit organisation.

If anyone needs help, one can contact these top rated rehab centres for a better recovery process. These rehab centres are processing with luxury amenities and facilities in their rehabilitation seems like a second home to the patient. Approaching Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in North India will help you out in the recovery process and will also help you to lead a successful life ahead. The team of well professional psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors help the patients to cope up with their hard time and get rid of any substance use disorder easily under the guidance of professionals. 

The Hermitage Rehab
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