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When it comes to alcohol, there are different types of alcohol that are popular in the market, i.e., beer, wine, spirits, cider, and many more. There is countless alcohol available with different ingredients and flavors, and it's time to explore these different types of alcohol. So if you're an alcohol lover and want to explore the different tastes of alcohol, then keep reading this guide.

In this guide, we've covered everything about types of alcohol and the best online liquor store to find your favorite alcohol anytime. 

Let's get started!

Types of Alcohol

Basically, there are two main types of alcohol that most people like to drink. Let's find out!

1. Distilled Alcohol

Distilled Alcohol are those drinks that are fermented and distilled. Because when these drinks are in the fermentation process, yeast or bacteria convert sugar into alcohol. And when the distilled process comes, alcohol is converted back into liquid. 

Here's the list of popular distilled drinks (or distilled spirits):

  • Brandy

Brandy is one of the popular distilled drinks that is stronger than wine. Surely you've heard about "Cognac," the most famous brandy. It contains 40% ABV, and other ranges from 35-60%. 

  • Gin

Gin is a unique, unique drink that combines juniper berries and other botanical elements that enhances the taste & quality of Gin. Its ABV ranges from 35-60%.

  • Liqueurs

Liqueurs are the most popular alcoholic drinks made up of grains, fruits, vegetables, and sugar to produce high-quality liqueurs.  

  • Rum

Rum is an attractive drink with dark, white, and spiced flavors. It contains ABV 40% and increases upto 57.5% to 75.5%.

  • Tequila

Tequila is the most popular distilled drink from Mexico and is made up of cactus. Its ABV is 40% to 60%. 

2. Undistilled Alcohol

These Undistilled Alcohol are also called fermented drinks that come after the fermentation process but not the distillation process. These drinks have a low amount of alcohol. 

Here's the list of popular Undistilled drinks:

  • Beer

After water, Beer is the most selling & oldest drink in the world. Its ABV ranges from 4% to 12%.

  • Wines

Wine is beautifully made up of crushed grapes and fermented with yeast. Its ABV is above 14%. 

These are the top alcohols that are selling in many liquor store globally o. Surely, now you know exactly which type of drink you like the most. 

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Esplanda - Grow Your Liquor and Grocery Store Online
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