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Monitask - Employee Monitoring Software Free

Monitask - Employee Monitoring Software Free

Since we launched in 2020, Monitask has been helping businesses with remote teams of employees by providing easy to use time-tracking software that includes automatic timesheets and screenshots of employees' workstations. Our screenshot monitoring is completely transparent to the employees and they control when the monitoring starts and when it stops. This means that businesses can trust that their employees are working productively without having to worry about micromanaging them. We're proud to have helped countless businesses grow and we continue to be dedicated to making life easier for as many people as possible.

Monitask delivers employee monitoring solutions to boost productivity, efficiency, and accountability across your team. Advanced screenshot and activity monitors, as well as time tracking capabilities, keep teams focused on the task at hand.

Time tracking with Monitask

Are you a business owner, a project manager, an employee, or maybe a client? No matter what position you have in the company, using time tracking software is important. 

Using a time monitoring tool, you can enjoy a myriad of benefits, such as improved team productivity, increased business revenue, and money-saving. Being a project manager, you can track your employees and avoid issues like time theft and intentionally delayed task deliveries. Being a business owner, you can produce accurate time and price quotes to get off on your clients’ right foot. 

If you are a client, you can get accurate time and price quotes to get off on the right foot with your service provider. Also, a good time tracking tool makes invoices painless and easy. 

And, if you are looking for one of the best time trackers, don’t go further than Monitask. 

Monitask is a powerful and simple-to-use time tracker and timesheet app. Using this software program, you and your team can track work hours spent on various projects or individual tasks. 

In addition to simple time tracking, the tool has several useful features like productivity tracking, attendance monitoring, and tracking billable hours with timesheets.

In this post, we will explore the unique and useful features of the app in detail. We will also learn how the app fits different industries and how it helps optimize your business. 

Optimize Time on Projects

Monitask provides useful and valuable insights into how long each individual spends on the project on a micro-level. You can identify how much time each project and associated activities take. This time tracker helps develop better time management skills, become highly productive, and make more profits on a macro scale.

Monitask time tracker provides an accurate and thorough overview of time usage by a project or an individual task. It does not let team members “fly under the radar” when they spend time on irrelevant activities, like using social media. 

At the end of the day, you get a detailed report of working hours and even minutes, arranged by categories and projects. Based on that, you can identify things like:

Productive and unproductive employees/hours.

Which tasks are taking more and/or less time.

Accordingly, you can manage your project schedule for the best results in an optimal timeframe. And, schedules serve as a roadmap to projects, from where you can check and how much you have deviated from the original plan. 

In this way, the Monitask time monitoring tool can bring your project back on track, helping you avoid loss or failure. This further reduces your stress and helps you stick with your project scheduling. 

More Than Just Time Tracking

Monitask solves a lot of time tracking problems. But, it’s just one thing! Monitask does a lot more for users. Some of its other functions include the following:

Computer Monitoring for Teams

In addition to time tracking, Monitask also provides proof of work as well as saves money to businesses and clients. 

Simply invite remote workers and employees. Ask them to start using Monitask. Assign projects and monitor work hours and proof of work. The tool can monitor each activity performed on the computer so that you can check what employees are doing. 

Automatic Timesheets

With this tool, you don’t have to worry about manual time entries or struggle with maintaining MS-Excel templates. With this automated time tracking app, you can benefit from automatic timesheets in a hassle-free manner. On top of that, this lightweight program is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, etc. 

You can generate automated timesheets that are synchronized to the web-based live dashboard in real-time.

Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote employee monitoring refers to an entire set of activities that are performed by the employer. The primary purpose of remote employee monitoring is to enhance transparency, engagement, and security within the company. 

Within the past five years, the remote workforce has seen an increase of 44%. The industry expects it to grow by up to 150% by the end of this decade. The growing trend of remote hiring has many of its own unique challenges. And, the biggest challenge of these is: Without having proper processes and tools at disposal, companies find it pretty difficult to keep companies productive and profitable as expected. 

According to Buffer, the majority of remote workers prefer to work from home that can affect their motivation and performance.

Below is the list of Monitask’s features help with remote employee monitoring:

Screenshot monitoring: The tool automatically captures the screenshots of the computer at random intervals.

Live dashboard – You can check when your team members are online. You can also check what they are working on. 

Idle time removal – Monitask remote employee monitoring tool removes unproductive hours automatically.

In addition, other features include app monitoring, project management, internet monitoring, and activity monitoring, to name a few. 

Internet and App Monitoring

Using Monitask, you can review apps and websites that your team visits. You can recognize unproductive sites/apps and time invested in repetitive tasks.

Project Management

Create and assign activities or projects to responsible employees. In addition, you can review detailed project reports generated by the software program and track how much money goes into each of your projects.

Employee Productivity Software

Are you running a small startup or a large established company? Regardless of the size of your business, everyone wants to ensure that everyone in the team is working, and this helps ensure productivity. 

Employee tracking has been in use for a long time. The main goal of this business practice is to increase the overall productivity of your team while increasing the company’s performance. Some major issues that this practice solves include the following:

Proper allocation of budget

Accurate team and project management 

Measurement and reporting of productivity 

Transparency as well as accountability

Using Monitask employee productivity tracking, employees are motivated to work in a highly efficient and productive manner. You develop a mutual understanding of the present workload and identify the improvements needed.

These valuable insights also help when it comes to employee reviews. With high productivity levels, employees often receive a reward to meet their set goals. They stay motivated to do good work. On the other hand, if reports show a lack of the desired level of productivity, you can pinpoint these areas and make all necessary improvements.



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