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Car Rental in Kolkata: Expectations vs. Reality

Dreamz Yatra
Car Rental in Kolkata: Expectations vs. Reality

 Are you confused due to some myths regarding car rental in KolkataDreamz Yatra will debunk Kolkata's myths regarding the car rental service in this blog. Car renting businesses have been in the market for a few decades. Remember those famous Ambassadors, Indica, and the all-rounder Omni. They were some of the popular choices of car model people preferred for renting. People search for rental cars because they have many advantages.

 Dreamz Yatra will revive your thoughts on Kolkata's 24*7 online car leasing services. Do you know Dreamz Yatra is also in the same business? We are one of the best car rental agencies in Kolkata, providing 24x7 online car leasing services. So, now let us discuss some expectations vs. the Reality of Car rental services in Kolkata.

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Expectation: Car Rental in Kolkata are expensive

People assume that a 24x7 online car leasing service will make a hole in their pockets. So, they opt for Public transport like buses, metro, and local trains. Some may also prefer online taxi services over hire a car. Some even prefer to buy their car on EMI, leading them to a debt trap.

Reality: Rented cars are cheaper

Renting a car is more economical than public transport and online taxi services. First, compare the benefits of public transport and a 24x7 online car leasing service in Kolkata. Will you disagree that travel on a mode of public transport with the crowd is such an uncomfortable journey? Especially those who travel on the local train. Imagine traveling on a hot summer afternoon on a crowded local train. It will be so much painful! Now, if you are thinking of opting for online taxi services like Ola or Uber, depending on the traffic, it will cost you between 300 INR to 500 INR for a few km. 

But if you rent a car from the best car rental agency in Kolkata, like Dreamz Yatra, it will not charge you on a Km basis or an hourly basis. You can have the car with you the whole day, which will cost you somewhere between 1000 to 3000, depending on the car model. Plus, it will also be a comfortable ride. So, you only decide which one is cheaper. Check our affordable online car leasing services.

Expectation: Public transport is more rational

People usually prefer public transport for day-to-day journeys thinking that public transportation is more convenient. People choose public transport for daily travel like bus, train, or metro. They find it easily accessible and cheaper, and convenient.

Reality: rented cars are way more convenient than public transport.

One of the biggest myths is that public transport is very convenient. Instead, Kolkata's 24x7 online car leasing service is more affordable and convenient. In Kolkata, some live in the extreme north, and if they want to go to the extreme south. Or, more precisely, if you live in Sonarpur and want to go to your office in Rajarhat. Or if you live in Barrackpore or Howrah and your office is in sector V. Taking public transport will cost you lots of discomforts and time. Those who know this always opt for Kolkata's affordable online car leasing services.


You may think about the monetary benefit you are getting from cheaper public transport, but have you ever thought how unhygienic and unhealthy it is to travel in that crowd? Imagine the passenger in front of you is suffering from Tuberculosis. You are at threat of getting affected by his breathing as well.

At the same time, if you opt for a 24x7 online car leasing service in Kolkata, you can comfortably reach your office in utmost comfort. No more crowds and no more infectious diseases, and it will also save you a lot of time. 

Expectation: There are lot of paperwork

A newbie to car rental services thinks it may require a lot of paperwork, procedure, and regulations. Some may even opt out because they do not have a driving license.

Reality: Renting a car is as simple as ordering a pizza

Yes! You read it correctly. Renting a car is easy, and today's technology has made this process very smooth. You can call a car renting service agency like Dreamz yatra or visit our website, choose a model and click on the book now option. You are all set to ride your rented car.

Buying a car is the primary field that plays with many papers, then insurance and driving license to drive. Okay! Are you wondering if you do not have a driving license, will you get a rented car or not? Do not worry, you will still get a car, but you need to rent a car with a driver this time. So, when a driver drives you to the destination, who cares whether you have a driving license or not?

Aren't these reasons enough to call the best car rental agency and enquire about affordable online car leasing in Kolkata?

Expectation: Rental cars are risky

We have heard people saying they think it is risky to rent a car, and they mainly fear the proper paperwork of the vehicles, and some also fear that if the car breaks down on the way. 

Reality: Rental cars are 100% safe

Have you thought few years back, before online taxi services, how people used to travel if they want to avoid public transport? They used to call the best car rental agency in Kolkata. Simple! Why would people prefer to rent a car if it was not safe? Dreamz yatra, with 300+ reviews online, is one of the best car rental agencies in Kolkata, providing 24x7 online car leasing services in Kolkata

All cars have proper documents with regular maintenance. So there is no chance of a sudden breakdown on the road. 

Dreamz Yatra provides affordable online car leasing within Kolkata with excellent customer service. 

We hope we have been able to clarify all your doubts and myths regarding Kolkata's 24x7 online car leasing service.

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So, if you want an affordable online car leasing agency, you are in the right place. So, book the car to drive to your favorite destination. As you know, Dreamz yatra is a Kolkata's holiday travel agency. We provide several tour packages like the Andaman group tour package, the north Bengal tour, the Kolkata tour, etc. Isn't it a win-win situation because you can get the car and book the tour from the same place?

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