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Rehabilitation centre punjab

Rehabilitation centre punjab

How does addiction affect your brain?

Rehabilitation centre punjab When you take drugs whatever the type, the Dopamine chemical is released and that chemical rewards your brain again and again that chemical is also responsible for your pleasure and that is why drug addiction going to be born in your brain. However, it’s uncontrollable for the drug addiction to quit the drug addiction. You can follow these steps to break the chemical release system by doing other pleasurable things. By doing gym, learning a new skill, reading, etc. It totally depends on your brain if you think about your addiction then obviously your brain wants that addiction. So our rehabilitation center works for it and many of the patients we have cured. 

Best Rehabilitation Center in PatialaBest Nasha Mukti kendra in punjab

  • One of the best success rates.
  • Air condition rooms are available.
  • World-class facilities
  • Hygienic meal
  • Pick up and drop off facilities
  • Periodic health check-up facilities
  • A routine check-up by specialized doctors
  • Sports area is available.

Why are drugs so hard to quit?

Ever hear someone with a drug problem talk about quitting? and then they try to quit their own, with no help. They tell their friends to quit their drug addiction by own but they can’t because it’s really hard to quit drug addiction.

Addiction is a brain disease that works as a slow poison that will kill you very slowly and you don’t know about it. When Dopamine’s rewards your brain day by day by using the drug. Dopamine’s a chemical releases daily in your brain and the brain will then habitual about your addiction.

In addition, you can not be strong mentally and it’s really hard to quit.

How to quit drugs on your own

Normally, the pleasure activity turns on when you take any fruits or stuff like that.

Quit drug addiction from the basics

Quitting drugs is not a piece of cake you need to take some action that will help you to quit that addiction.

There are some points to follow to quit the drug addiction:

  • You need to be mentally strong
  • Do meditation daily (it really worked)
  • Do exercises daily even if you’re getting urge instead of going to your drug addiction.
  • Learn new skills to develop your mind mentally strong in a specific skill

we know that you it can not be done by you but, if you try again and again you will crash that addiction.


If you really want to quit that addiction then you want to stay strong mentally. Go to the busy mode if the urge is going to the harder mode we know that drug addiction urge is uncontrol able. But we have to control it.

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