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What Are the Features to Look for in an E-scooter for Adults?

Okai Electric Vehicles
What Are the Features to Look for in an E-scooter for Adults?

If you are buying e-scooters for adults, you will not keep in mind the guidelines or tips for choosing an electric scooter for kids. Adults seem to have a conscious mind and make decisions for their well-being. But the government is always in speculation of adult intelligence. Thus, they have a legal system in place to regulate e-scooters.

Despite your wants, you need to adhere to the legal regulations and find a brilliant e-scooter within those. Leaving all this aside, if you are planning to purchase an e-scooter for adults, here are a few things you might want from your e-scooter:

  1. Stability
  2. Power
  3. Durability 
  4. Cost-effectiveness
  5. Cool features


Have a look at these features for an e-scooter in detail:


1. Power


Power is one of the primary things that most people consider when choosing an e-scooter. The best way to decide on the right e-scooter power is to set the expectations right. You do not compare an e-scooter with a sports bike. The right gauge would be to compare your e-scooter with an e-bike or bicycle. It is a great alternative to the sports bike or personal car when it comes to cost efficiency and usability, but it does not stand in comparison in speed to them.


The maximum legal speed limit in most cities would be somewhere around 15 mph to 20 mph. Beyond that, speed capabilities e-scooters are illegal and not safe for public use. Thus, you need to find an e-scooter that is sufficiently strong but within legal limits. You can choose an e-scooter with motor power of 250 W to 500 W. A 350 w motor power e-scooter is good enough to meet your city mobility needs.


2. Stability


Stability is directly related to safety. You would want the deck of the e-scooter to be sufficiently wide so that you can place your feet on it comfortably and get a stable platform to stand on. Similarly, the width of the tires also plays a key role in making your ride stable on an e-scooter. These are the two important balancing factors, but other things such as the type of tires, suspension, and braking mechanism also play a key role in ensuring stability which eventually leads to safety.


3. Durability     


If you are spending more than $500 on an e-scooter, you would want it to work at least properly for three to five years. E-scooter manufacturers also addressed this concern. Thus, from the early stage of plastic e-scooter, they have evolved into metal frame e-scooters. Metal scooters are a little heavier than plastic e-scooter, but they offer a durable frame, enhanced resistance to wear and tear, and better stability.


Just to give you an example of lightweight, durable electric scooters, Okai e-scooters are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. They are durable but at the same time light in weight. Choose an e-scooter that is made of durable parts.


Not just that, but make sure you get a 2-year warranty on your e-scooter frame so that in case something goes wrong, you can get your service for free. The limited lifetime warranty also gives you confidence in making a purchase.  


4. Features


Most adults won't mind if they get some really useful smart features for an extra $50-100. This suggests we all love extra features in our e-scooter and want to get the latest tech. The top features of an electric scooter include Bluetooth connectivity, a multi-functional display, a water-resistant rating, a one-click foldable mechanism, fast charging, etc. Check out the features of your e-scooter. It is highly recommended to opt for a foldable e-scooter over a regular e-scooter. It is because when you are traveling within the city or even outside the city, you may want to use a combination of modes of transportation. A portable e-scooter makes it easy for the owner to take the e-scooter along with them. Look for similar features that make your e-scooter versatile, flexible, and valuable.   


5. Cost-effectiveness


Last but not least, you want your e-scooter to be cost-effective. Calculate the fuel costs of your e-scooter. In the case of an e-scooter, electricity costs are your fuel costs. Check out the range of an e-scooter and the time required to charge it. Your e-scooter salesperson also provides you the information on fuel costs and other operational costs, which include maintenance and service. Make your calculation of cost versus value before buying your e-scooter. 


These are five key features of an electric scooter for adults that you would want to see in your e-scooter. If you are looking for a high-performance e-scooter for adults in Europe, you can consider purchasing Okai NEON.

This is the coolest e-scooter for adults. It comes with all the ticks in the checklist mentioned above. On top of that, you get never seen before display & light technology. The scooter comes with adjustable atmospheric lights on the front tube and under the deck that allow you to light up the streets you're riding on. Choose this scooter to spread your color through the city. 

Okai Electric Vehicles
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