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What Do You Need to Start an Online Store?

zahra casey
What Do You Need to Start an Online Store?

Choosing the right platform for one’s store is very important because it defines all operational aspects of your store, pertaining to speed, efficiency, storage, and ease of operation.

The two most popular eCommerce platforms that we recommend are Shopify or WordPress + WooCommerce. Shopify is inexpensive and hassle-free for getting started. But it becomes expensive when you start selling. Additional payment options come for an extra fee.

WooCommerce + WordPress, on the other hand, is the largest eCommerce platform in the world. The setup is more complex, but the WordPress eCommerce platform delivers a higher degree of operational flexibility in the long run, as compared to Shopify. Cyblance is the best WooCommerce custom development company for your requirements. You can hire WooCommerce developer from us.


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Here, we discuss the steps to develop a WordPress eCommerce website

Step 1: Setting up Your Online Store Platform

The essentials required by a WordPress WooCommerce developer for setting up a web mall are domain name, web hosting, and SSL certificate. The domain name is your website’s name over the internet, while web hosting is where your website is stored over the internet.

SSL certificate, similarly adds an additional layer of security. Sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and personal information can correspondingly be accepted. Credit card payments can then be made over the website.


A few of the hosting providers, such as Bluehost deliver a free domain name and free SSL certificate for users. Otherwise, the domain name can be purchased from dedicated domain name providers.

Step 2: Setting up WordPress


  • Download and unzip the WordPress package.
  • On your web server, make a database for WordPress. Create a MySQL user as well, who has all privileges for accessing and modifying your database.
  • To the desired location on your web server, upload the WordPress files. In case you want the WordPress installation to be in a dedicated subdirectory over your website, create that subdirectory, such as http://example.com/blog/ on your server.
  • Now using FTP, upload the contents of the unzipped WordPress package to the directory.
  • To run the WordPress installation script, access the URL in the web browser. This will be the URL where you uploaded the WordPress files. In case you installed WordPress in its own subdirectory called blog, then go to http://example.com/blog/.


Step 3: Setting up Your WooCommerce Store

  • Before getting started with selling, a merchant needs to oversee currency, payment settings, and shipping information.
  • On the WordPress admin pages, one sees a ‘Welcome to WooCommerce’ notification. Click over the ‘Run setup wizard’.
  • The WooCommerce setup wizard now launches. To get started, click on the ‘Let’s go’ button.
  • The essential pages over a WooCommerce store are shop, account, cart, and checkout. Clicking one continue button on each window will create these pages automatically.
  • In the next step, enter the information regarding the location of your store, and the currency and units to be used. Then click on the continue button, and enter the tax and shipping-related information.
  • WooCommerce can calculate the taxing related information over your prices. Alternately, you can also fill this section later.
  • Next, one provides payment-related information by clicking on continue. The default methods are PayPal and Stripe, and the configurations are easy for all payment methods.
  • Your WordPress store is now all set up, and one can proceed to add products. Clicking on the Return to WordPress Dashboard will let you exit the setup wizard.

Step 4: Adding Products to Your Online Store


  • Go to Products -> Add New page to add a new product. After adding the title and the description, visit the Product Categories box which is in the right-hand column. For creating a new category for the product, click on the ‘+Add New Product Category’. This will systemize the browsing experience for a visitor to the website.
  • By scrolling down the page, one sees the product data box. Information such as shipping, inventory, and pricing is provided here.
  • Below the product data box is a box where one adds the product short description. This comes in to be handy when a user views multiple products over a page.
  • Towards the right-hand column, there’d be boxes for adding a product gallery and the main product image.
  • When you click on the publish button, the information goes live over your website but remains editable. Multiple products are added one by one, using the aforementioned procedure.

Step 5: Select and Customize a WordPress Theme

Themes in the WordPress site define the overall presentation of a website and how the products are displayed. WooCommerce website design should be in accordance with the client’s business requirements. Cyblance specializes in WooCommerce theme development and you can hire the finest WooCommerce web designers from us.

Thousands of WordPress themes are available, both paid and free. This makes it easier for an organization to find domain-specific, aesthetic, and globally trending themes for their websites.

To customize a theme, go to Appearance-> Customize page. The theme customizer will be launched, and a user can save the preferred theme settings here.

In case you do not like the storefront theme, you can use another theme by visiting the Appearance-> Themes page, and get the best results for WooCommerce store development.



Creating a WooCommerce website for eCommerce is a work best managed by professionals. A WooCommerce development company will come up with high performing, state-of-the-art web mall for your business. This will make your reliable, scalable, and secure web-store a high performer on SEO parameters, and delivers a winning edge for your business. Our WooCommerce expert developers specialize in custom WooCommerce development. We meet the requirements that you have from your store and also consult over the additional functionalities that your web store should have. All WooCommerce stores that we create are unique and customized in the finest of ways to be the best match for your requirements.

zahra casey
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