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Best Salesforce Apps in 2022-2023

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Best Salesforce Apps in 2022-2023

In 2022 the number of add-ons and apps available for Salesforce on AppExchange will reach 4600 and 10 million installations. You can find various apps that suit every business need. For example, it counts utilities, banking, real estate, and many more.

Many apps are created to enhance Salesforce's primary - CRM product. Consider your professional and personal day and the devices you utilize to improve efficiency.

At the forefront of technological advancement and technology, Salesforce realized that businesses would require more than just a CRM; they'd need apps that could make the most of the data stored within the database. That's why they created Salesforce AppExchange. It is a marketplace of apps for business to business, which is possible to integrate into Salesforce to increase the use of CRM.

Best Salesforce Apps

Chatbot Apps

Chatbots are becoming a big business in the B2B world. It's infrequent to go to a SaaS website without being prompted by a tiny widget at the bottom right corner, which lets you talk to a bot or, in some instances, a human.

Connecting chatbots with Salesforce is easy since you can easily incorporate new customer inquiries as Leads or support requests into Cases. The most well-known chatbots available on Salesforce are Qualified, intercom, Einstein Bots, and Drift.

  • Email Integration

While Salesforce offers native integrations with popular email applications like Gmail and Outlook, several applications can enhance these integrations to a higher level.

For instance, tools such as Revenue Grid and Ebsta offer deal acceleration tools. In addition, it provides powerful email integrations, helping you to buy signals from potential customers. Tools such as Riva offer highly customizable sync functions, which means you only synchronize the data you need.

  • eSignature Apps

Electronic signature software has become the standard for contract signing quickly and effectively. Although Salesforce doesn't offer any eSignature-related tools, there's a wide variety of native and integrated apps that will get the task completed.

Since this is a sophisticated product, numerous applications like Conga, Formstack, and Docusign can also offer additional capabilities like document generation.

  • Process Analysis Apps

As Salesforce is increasing in complexity and size, it's challenging to know you're not breaking the existing system by introducing a new feature. It's also an issue to coordinate the technology used to implement features and the process established in the business context.

They are sometimes referred to as "change intelligence," They usually contain impact analysis to help you comprehend the impact of the changes you make, along with processes mapping tools.

The top players in this area are Sonar and Panaya. Happy Soup is a no-cost impact analysis tool you may like to look


  • Backup Apps

Salesforce has many backup options, although they're not as robust as those offered by the other AppExchange applications. These applications back up your data and metadata, ensuring that your customer's data and configuration are safe.

There's a wide selection of backup software available on AppExchange. Some of the top ones are Spanning Backup and CloudAlly.

  • Payments

Paying directly through Salesforce is now accessible through apps like Blackthorn, Asperato, and FinDock. Some of these applications can be integrated into the existing Salesforce processes using tools such as Flow. This allows you to take payments seamlessly via phone or online.

  • Telephony Apps

Integration with a phone is another application that enormously influences Salesforce org. The ability of support, sales, and customer success representatives to receive phone calls from Salesforce is an important step forward. Tools like AirCall, Natterbox, and Vonage are the leading tools in this field.

  • Data Cleaning Apps

Data stays a significant issue in the field of CRM. As companies place Salesforce as the core of their operations, the amount of data is being taken in and processed like never before. In addition, with the advent of Salesforce's artificial intelligence layer, "Einstein" data has to stay clean to benefit from the game-changing capabilities.

Salesforce AppExchange has a wide range of cleansing applications for data. This includes deduping tools that help companies experiencing duplicate issues purify their database. Two of the top market players are DemandTools and Cloudingo.

There are also powerful tools to block duplicates beyond Salesforce functions to ensure your data is kept clean, such as DupeCatcher. This tool allows duplicate cleaning and prevention capabilities all in one app.

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  • Customer Success

Although a large portion of the applications on this list is focused on sales processes, some apps help with customer satisfaction. Applications like TaskRay, Precursive, and Gainsight are excellent for ensuring customer success. They allow users to design templates that enable your team to assist customers through the process of onboarding.

  • Digital Advocacy Apps

In the past several years, CRM technology has developed so that even the dreaded user adoption issue is now resolved! The point of adoption is often a hot subject in any system implementation. However, there are apps available that focus on just that.

Market leaders like Whatfix and WalkMe are among the companies that have created applications that let customers get personalized, on-demand tips as well as training to help navigate Salesforce.


The AppExchange is a tumultuous site with thousands of applications. It takes an experienced user to find applications that could benefit your company.

After partnering with Salesforce for a decade, Innovadel has the knowledge and time to know which tools are most effective in improving the customer's CRM experience. If you want consultancy, feel free to contact our experts and find solutions instantly.

Innovadel Technologies
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