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Drill down Feature in Power BI

Drill down Feature in Power BI

What id Drill down in Power BI?

Drill down feature is the next level of hierarchical insights of data. For example, you want to look for specific location, then you can go from country to state to city to zip code to specific location of the place. This blog will let you know about what is drill down in Power BI. Using drill down, you can explore in depth details of your data. Drill down and Drill up are two powerful features in Power Business Intelligence. They both let you see the information and analysis of data.

Drill down is necessary because, in a yearly report, you may see overall sales report. Still, most of the revenue is generated in a single quarter. So, drilling down the general view takes you to the deeper level.

Drilling Down requires a hierarchy

When visual data has a hierarchy, you can drill down to know additional details of your data. Instead of taking user to granular level of data, drill down takes user to a report which is relevant to the data that is being analyzed on a mouse click. For example, a tabular report in Power BI Arizona, USA shows sales revenue by state, but on a click it allows user to reveal analysis of that data.

Drill down feature has ability that takes user to more specific level from the general view on a click. Drill down goes much deeper into particular set of data. It gives the data stepwise.

Benefits of Drill down in Power BI

·      Acquire prompt knowledge of different depth of data

A Drill down feature gives a user the deeper view of the data by letting him know what exactly he is looking for. Within seconds, drill down answers to your questions like what is your national sales figure. Which state is performing better among all? And which region is driving more sales, etc.

·      Enhance reporting performance

By presenting only one layer of data, Drill down load the server at query time that enhance the reporting performance which add great value from the user side.

·      Set data from different points of view

Drill down report allows user you analyze the same data from different point of view in different format. Even it display report through different visualization. This will greatly enhance the user’s understanding towards data and reports.

Drill down let you know that you are walking through different hierarchy levels. In Drill down the values are categorized into levels.

The example of such levels are:

For date based data: The level of groupings be like Year, Month, Quarter, Day, hour

For geographical data: The level of groupings be like Country, State, City, Postal code

Drill down report

A Drill down report in Power BI allows users to flyer a non-identical layer of data by clicking certain data element the application. Drill down feature of Power BI Arizona lets user discover multifaceted data through navigating from one level to detailed level. It also enables users to see summary information and then hierarchically levels for a particular set of data.

In Power BI, Drill Down acts as an indicator which is used to focus on particular type of data displayed in a report. It is especially helpful when a user needs to concentrate only on specific element of business data instead of whole data. In Power BI, Drill down is an option to navigate different layers of data set.

In short, we can conclude that, Drill down enables you to find compound data by navigating from a general level to more specific level. Drill down is present in user interface, so the user can easily use this feature. Drill down report has capability to provide deeper reports of data sets.

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