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Broken Tooth St. Albans: How Can Broken or Cracked Teeth Pose a Serious Threat?

Broken Tooth St. Albans: How Can Broken or Cracked Teeth Pose a Serious Threat?

Several individuals often get exposed to cracked or broken tooth in St. Albans; keeping such issues untreated can pave the way toward several troubles. This is why getting in touch with a professional healthcare provider is extremely crucial. In industrialised nations, broken teeth are one of the major causes of tooth loss. But with proper focus and attention, you can take a massive step toward a better life quality. In this blog, you will be able to learn about the causes, types and symptoms of broken teeth. Without any further ado, let’s delve deeper now!

What Are Some of the Causes Behind a Cracked Tooth?

Teeth tend to break due to multiple reasons. Check out the pointers stated below to learn more about them:

Excessive pressure from teeth grinding.

Biting or chewing hard foods like nuts, ice or hard candy

Large fillings within your teeth mighty weaken their integrity.

Sudden changes in the mouth temperature might pave the way toward broken or cracked teeth. If you eat some hot food followed by ice water, it can pose serious threats to your dental situation.

Car accidents, a fistfight or sports injuries might lead to broken teeth.

Last but not least, ageing can expose you to cracked teeth as well.

What Will Happen if You Ignore Your Cracked Teeth?

If you don’t treat your broken or cracked teeth, it can cause multiple issues in no time. Go through the pointers stated below in this blog:

You might end up cutting your tongue accidentally.

Broken teeth can make you suffer from pressure sensitivity

You can suffer from temperature sensitivity

Cracked or broken teeth are capable of causing different kinds of infection.

What Are the Symptoms of a Broken Tooth?

Some of the common symptoms of a broken tooth are written here:

Frequent pain that goes and comes all of a sudden

Pain while biting and chewing certain food items. Releasing the bite causes more pain.

Swelling of your gum around your broken or cracked tooth

Excessive sensitivity to cold, heat and sweetness

What Are the Different Types of Broken Teeth?

Broken teeth can be categorised into various categories. Some of them are stated below:

Craze Lines: These are nothing but extremely small cracks in your teeth’s enamel. Since these conditions do not expose you to any kind of pain, you might not opt for proper treatment here.

Split Tooth: The split tooth is like an extensive crack that requires special attention from dental practitioners. If you book an appointment on time, the dentists will get the scope of saving a portion of your teeth.

Fractured Cusp: Fractured cusp takes place around your dental filling. However, these cusps don’t affect your pulp.

Parting Thoughts

Diagnosing your broken teeth is mandatory; it will provide you with top-notch relief from pain and irritation. With the help of bonding, root canal, crown and extraction, these professional healthcare providers will strive hard to fix your issue.

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