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How to become a personal trainer online


Friendly, patient, with leadership skills, are some characteristics that a personal trainer online should have. A profession that has grown thanks to the fact that every day more people understand the importance of leading an active and healthy life.

What is a personal trainer online?

Personal trainers are professionals with the capacity that is needed to design personalized training routines. For this, it takes into account the client’s objectives and their physical condition.

Although the main focus given to this profession is physical fitness, their knowledge is not limited to fitness. Among the tasks of a personal trainer is also motivating his clients. Have knowledge of anatomy, how the body works and nutrition. He also knows how to avoid injuries, what to do if they happen and how to work for a faster recovery. It will even be necessary to recommend the equipment and the type of athletic shoes they need.

In a world that is increasingly concerned with being in shape and leading a healthier life, this profession is in great demand. Working with a personal trainer allows you to achieve faster results, a greater variety of exercises and routines and discipline. The sessions are not routine, the coach designs them taking into account what has been worked so far and what will be worked on later.

A good personal trainer does not just deliver a list of exercises to do. It encourages its clients, becomes its motivator and develops a good affinity with them. He is patient and has high energy. Teaches the correct way to combine strength and cardio exercises, why an exercise is good or not, what muscles are worked, etc.

What are the advantages of being a personal trainer online?

If you are a lover of fitness and sports and you like to share that passion with others, perhaps you have thought about the career of personal trainer online. As we mentioned, in recent years the demand for this profession has grown. More and more people want personalized training.

Low cost

One of the most important tools a personal trainer needs is an online workout planner, where he can send distance training to his clients. 

There are many workout planners available online, but they are expensive. The tool, which has the distinction of being the best training planner among them, is offered free of charge by fitnessprogramer.com. This workout planner has a large enough exercise database to show almost all exercises. You can easily create a workout for your customers and send it to them for free.

People who dedicate themselves to training others at home or in gyms enjoy the following advantages:

  • They can choose between working for themselves or their own. Depending on your interests and the opportunities you have.
  • If you work on your own you can better manage your schedules.
  • In addition, you can define how many clients you will work with, whether you will attend them individually or in groups, etc.
  • The growth of demand is another advantage. There are always clients looking for personalized training.

How to become a personal trainer

In USA you can exercise the profession of personal trainer without having any specific training in sport. This leaves open the possibility that any person will call himself a coach. However, exercising without knowledge puts the health of the clients at risk and, therefore, the reputation of the coaches.

There are studies related to sports and recognized by USA law that will support this profession. Among these we can mention the following:

  • Valencia in Sciences of the Physical Activity and the Sport.
  • Superior Technician in Animation of Physical and Sports Activities.
  • Degree in Sports Science.
  • Sports Technician

In addition there are institutions that offer courses to be a personal trainer with which you can stay updated.

Opportunities to work as a coach

There are many opportunities to work as a coach. You can do it in a sports center or in a gym as a salaried employee. In this case it will be the same center that will determine what time you will be and the people you will attend.

Inside a gym you can unwind as a monitor, sports animator, area manager, sports coach, among others. And you have the opportunity to climb positions.

If you prefer to work on your own, you can choose what kind of clients you will have and how many to attend. The self-employed usually work at home, but they can also reach an agreement with a gym. In the same way there are routines that are done outdoors.

You can provide services in a company, training workers in it. Or look for opportunities in neighborhood associations that want to offer an exercise program to their members.

With dedication you can also get to have your own gym. There is the alternative of specializing in a specific area, for example working with older adults, pre and post natal training. Dedicate yourself to a specific discipline such as yoga, cross fit, palates, etc. As a gym owner you could also combine it with another profession as a physiotherapist or sports nutrition.

People who are looking for a sports coach know more and more about the subject. That is why you must be up to date with the requirements to be a personal trainer that customers demand and that are implemented in other centers.

How much does a coach earn?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer if you want to be a coach. The scale is very variable and depends, among other factors, on the preparation you have. So the better training you have, the greater your earnings will be. Therefore you have to know what to study to be a gym trainer and worry about doing it.

It will also depend on the type of clients you have. If they are wealthy people and look for exclusive programs you can charge more for each one. In a sports center you will have an established salary.

Final recommendations

  • Update your knowledge and keep abreast of what happens in the sector.
  • Training others can take time for your own workouts. In some cases you can exercise with the client, while paying attention.
  • You must be sure of what you do and transmit that confidence to your customers.
  • Give the example, if you stay in shape, customers will trust more in your program and follow your example.
  • Act as a leader and motivate the people you are working with.

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