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Make a Statement with Custom Car Wraps

Make a Statement with Custom Car Wraps

Car wraps are more popular than ever before. Whether you want to make your car unique or you need to cover up some existing flaws, custom car wraps give you the freedom to choose almost any design and color that you can imagine, allowing you to get something truly unique that speaks to your personal style. While wraps can add significant value to any vehicle, the range of styles, designs, and materials available mean that there's something for everyone, no matter how much money you want to spend or how much time you want to invest in the process.

 The market for Custom Car Wraps has grown exponentially over the past few years, and there are now plenty of businesses with which you can work to wrap your ride in whatever you want! Follow this guide to find out why custom car wraps are the right decision for you!

Custom Car Wraps — The Pros

For many people, the car they drive says a lot about them. Whether it's brand new or an older model that still runs, a car can show what kind of person you are through the accessories you add to it and the body art you put on it. However, if you need more than just air fresheners and new tires to give your car the look you want, custom car wraps might be exactly what you need! Here are a few significant factors that make people choose custom car wraps!

Adds Exclusivity 

You can give your automobile a one-of-a-kind look with the help of vinyl wraps and other customized graphics. With a plethora of incredible designs and formats to choose from, you won't be concerned about having your car lost in the crowd! A personalized wrap gives you the freedom to express your style in any way you like, whether you're driving down the highway or strutting your stuff at a car show. To put it another way, this is great news for those looking to own a private automobile. Car wraps also allow for the creation of exceptional visual effects, such as textured surfaces and shaded areas. It's a fantastic way to make your vehicle stand out!

Increase your Car's Resale Value

Contrary to popular belief, painting an automobile a non-standard color can decrease its resale value, but wrapping it can boost it. Wrapping a car helps preserve its factory paint finish, which would otherwise wear away after prolonged exposure, which helps to increase the overall worth of your car. Custom car wraps are fantastic since they can be removed at any time without damaging the paint if the buyer of your vehicle doesn't like the design. 

Easy Maintenance 

Repairing paint damage is a nightmare and often necessitates starting over with a brand-new coat. Custom car wraps can also get damaged along the way, but unlike paint jobs, the damage is much easier to fix. If a portion of your vehicle's wrap is damaged, but the underlying paint is still intact, you can simply apply a new wrap to the affected area. This also helps to avoid breaking the bank on consistent paint jobs! The wrap can be readily reapplied after the paint damage has been fixed.

Custom Car Wraps — The Cons

Custom car wraps are usually a good way to make your car stand out in the crowd and help advertise your business or brand name, but they do have some disadvantages that you might not know about yet. If you're still on the fence about getting custom car wraps, here are three disadvantages of getting custom car wraps you should know about first!

Low Budget, Low Quality 

As is the case with most things in life, trying to cut the budget while getting custom car wraps will lead to less-than-ideal results. Whether it is low-quality vinyl material or a poor installation, you should be prepared to get what you pay for!

It's important to hire a competent installation to get the best results and maintain the vehicle's pristine condition. However, if you let someone who isn't skilled with wrapping do it, they could leave marks or scratches in your paintwork, and you won't notice until you take off the wrap. Therefore, choosing a professional vinyl installer is recommended, regardless of the cost.

Requires Regular Attention 

If you're thinking of getting a car wrap and being done with it, then you might not like what comes next! Custom car wraps require consistent maintenance and attention to improve the longevity of the vinyl wrap. Just like with paint, the longer your vinyl wrap lasts the less time it spends in direct sunlight. But prolonged exposure to sunlight can "bake in" a vinyl wrap, making removal more difficult and dramatically shortening the wrap's lifespan. This is to say; if you leave your automobile out in the open and don't wash it regularly, it will only survive a year at most.

Various Aspects Involved in the Wrapping Process

Custom car wrapping is not an easy job, it's a meticulous task that requires a combination of maximum attention to detail, expertise, and high-quality materials so the results are satisfactory for the customers. With that in mind, here are five important aspects that are involved in the custom wrapping process for cars!

  • Design— To make a wrap for a car that will fit that vehicle without distorting the design, the designer needs to have a lot of experience and the correct resources, including the most up-to-date vehicle templates.

  • Material— Vinyl is made by a wide variety of companies, some of which are more reputable than others. Car wrap vinyl from trusted brands like 3M, Avery, Oracal, and Arlon has improved greatly over the years. If you consider the wrap's durability, you should verify that the wrap shop uses premium vinyl.

  • Print— After you have chosen your desired material and design, the next step is to get your vinyl printed with your design. Wide-format digital printers are not as user-friendly as the HP models we're all familiar with. When printing a custom car wrap, a lot more work must be done to get a clear and vivid image.

  • Vehicle Prep— The preparation for wrapping a car takes the longest. The installer will ensure that your automobile is completely clean and the surface is free of impurities by checking every crevice, crack, and weather stripping.

  • Installation— It is crucial that the installer has substantial expertise working with a wide variety of media because of the wide range of material behaviors. This step also involves trimming the wrap, which requires plenty of patience and technique. 

Add Style to your Ride:

The wrapping industry has rapidly grown throughout the years, with more and more people now moving towards custom car wraps instead of traditional and somewhat boring paint jobs. After all, the pros strongly outweigh the cons, and who wouldn't want to give their car a fantastic makeover with custom car wraps? 

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