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10 most popular Native React Apps for 2022

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10 most popular Native React Apps for 2022

People have acclimated to new technologies and lived advanced lifestyles throughout the past ten years. Our needs and desires have evolved as a result of all these technologies becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives.

Even in the development of mobile apps, expectations are having a big impact. One of the top instances of contemporary technology used in app development is react native.

React native has filled up the gaps in the standards currently used for developing apps. The user experience is greatly enhanced, all the generated apps are cross-platform, and most significantly, development time is reduced.

In this article, we'll concentrate on the most popular apps now available that use react native technology, as well as their advantages and drawbacks. If you want to create your own react native app, this article can be a useful resource for you.

React Native: What Is It?

Let's start by giving the term "respond native" a brief definition. React native is a JavaScript framework for building actual, natively rendered mobile apps that is accessible for both iOS and Android.

React Native Apps - Mobile apps that use the react native framework and are natively rendered are referred to as react native apps.

10 most popular Native React Apps for 2022

1. Facebook

Even in 2022, when there are hundreds of social media networks, Facebook is still the most widely used of all of them. From the introduction of the friend's notion to video posting and reactions, Facebook has innovated and advanced throughout the years.

2. Facebook Ads

The company didn't just make the official Facebook social network app as its only react native application. One of the well-known react native applications is Facebook Ads.

This program was both Facebook's first cross-platform app using the react native framework and the first react native app for Android.

3. Instagram

Incorporating the react native framework into Instagram's already-existing app was not a problem for them. One of the most well-liked social media networks in 2022 that influencers prefer is Instagram. Every month, the app sees around 1 billion active users.

4. Walmart

One of the largest businesses in the global retail sector is Walmart. The cheap stores operated by the American company are well known.

By integrating Node.js into its current stack, Walmart has already demonstrated its unique approach. They have finally integrated the react native framework into the Walmart app after several years.

5. UberEats

One of the biggest and most well-known meal delivery applications worldwide is UberEats. The app is accessible in more than 500 cities across 24 nations.

Three parties are brought together by UberEats: customers, restaurants, and delivery companies.

6. Airbnb

One of the most well-known online marketplaces for homestays, accommodations, and travel experiences is Airbnb. With its cutting-edge strategy, Airbnb has revolutionized the sector.

7. Wix

One of the well-known apps is Wix, which makes it easy and convenient to build and manage websites. One can build and develop their websites using CSS or HTML5, and users can make use of the drag-and-drop function.

For those who don't know how to code at all or at all well, Wix is an excellent option for website creation.

8. Tesla

With all the recent Elon Musk news, we are all familiar with the name Tesla. One of the world's top producers of electric vehicles is Tesla. Their app is built using the react native framework.

9. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is one of the best apps for getting financial news. Finance, company economics, the stock market, and investment portfolio are all fully covered by the app.

The corporation chose a more expensive option when opting to develop its app for mobile devices.

10. SoundCloud Pulse

The global community of musicians, as well as fans, can access the artist-focused software or platform known as SoundCloud. Based on what's fresh, happening right now, or coming up, one can locate the creations.

The react native framework was also used by SoundCloud Pulse in their app.

Simply Put

For enterprises, React Native offers some top-tier advantages. React Native is far preferable for app development because of its many advantages, including time savings, cost savings, high-performance apps, and flexibility.

We can see how well-known companies like SoundCloud Pulse, UberEats, Tesla, and Facebook all chose to use the same cross-platform architecture. It demonstrates that the react native framework really does provide more advantages and will be greatly favored in 2022.

Oyelabs can assist you from ideation to creation if you plan to design your app using the react native framework.

To begin developing your React Native project, get in touch with us right away.

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