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10 ways to make your narrative essay truly stand out

Alvin Kennard
10 ways to make your narrative essay truly stand out

Writing an engaging and effective essay requires one to account for two important aspects of this essay. Firstly you have to incorporate the important events effectively. Secondly, you have to account for the minute details that help present a compelling narration. Narrative essays can be about anything you experienced by yourself or witnessed something happening or a book you read or a movie you watched. It could be anything yet the main focus should be to present a live experience for the reader.

Firstly, that is of paramount importance for writing a write my essay for me to decide on the topic. In regard to topic selection. Here are the important tips that will help in choosing an effective topic:

  •      Think about the story that is fresh in your memory yet is engaging and lesson-learning.
  •      Think about an episode in your life that you observed that was entertaining and worth telling.
  •      Think about a relationship with a friend or a family member that changed your life.
  •      Think of the book you recently read that created an impact on your life.

Some important tips:

  •      Make sure that a good essay is one that appeals to the emotions of the reader so try to write in a way that the reader should be living the story by him/herself. It should be shown rather than told.
  •      Write in a way that creates empathy in the mind and heart of the reader and provokes a response.
  •      Try to incorporate sensory and emotive references and details.
  •      Use imagery and vivid details. The more specific and deep you go the better will be the connection and understanding for the reader.

 Important Tips about the Structure of the Essay

The general structure of the essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion remains the same.


The introduction should be clear about the purpose. It should tell the reader what you are going to talk about in the essay. Also, it has to be highly engaging and compelling. A good introduction is one that engages the reader from the get-go. I write my paper with a hook at the start. It is the first impression that you create on your reader so, the more compelling it is, the effect it is to create an impact. Try to start with a hook that could include a quote, personal experience, or surprising statistics. So that it could develop an interest in the reader throughout.

Body of the essay

This part contains the event/episode and the details about the experience. Make sure that a detailed and chronological portrayal of ideas and events makes the best essay. Try to incorporate the minute details that are helpful in creating an emotive impact on the reader. These details help the reader better connect and understand the experience. Students often resort to

 college essay writing service not because they lack the information but because they lack the trick of how to write it. It is innocuous to take the help of such services but that should serve as just the guideline and the rest of the essay should be scribbled through your pen. Especially in the case of a narrative essay, since you have witnessed or lived the experience so you are the best person to better narrate it.


Lastly, this is the last chance to convey a better message to the reader than what you learn from the experience. Hope that helped change your life. Whether it impacted you positively or negatively? It is advisable not to ask someone to write your work because you never know that you might write a better essay by yourself. So have that confidence in you and start with the conviction that you are the best essay writer. Those who challenge themselves emerge victoriously.  

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Alvin Kennard
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