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DSLR Settings | Best DSLR Camera for Beginners - TheShopBay

DSLR Settings | Best DSLR Camera for Beginners - TheShopBay

If you have a DSLR camera you want to know how to control your camera settings, this blog is for you Explore the best DSLR camera for beginners and its settings.


Are you new to the DSLR world? Are you confused about the functions, buttons, and DSLR settings? Understanding the Advanced DSLR Settings will help you unleash the power of your Digital DSLR Camera.

We hope you tried some of the DSLR Basics on your camera with the help of our DSLR Basics blog. If not, I would suggest reading our DSLR Basics before proceeding with the advanced DSLR settings.

Shutter Button

The Shutter button has two functions, one when pressing halfway, it instructs the Digital SLR Camera to autofocus, and two when you press it completely, which releases the shutter and takes the picture.

Once you press it halfway, the LCD monitor turns off showing the exposure settings (shutter speed and aperture) in the viewfinder.

Focal Plane Indicator

Focal Plane Indicator indicates the minimum focusing distance, and is measured in phi. When you are too close to the subject, the indicator starts blinking. It that case, move a little back and try focusing again.

Diopter Adjustment Dial

Diopter Adjustment Dial is used to adjust the viewfinder clarity. To adjust, try moving the dial right or left until you find the AF in viewfinder sharpest. It is beneficial for people wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Lens Release / Lock Button

A Lens Release / Lock Button is used to mount or remove the lens from the DSLR. To mount a lens, remove the camera cap and the lens cap. Align the lens’s red or white index to that of the camera and turn the lens clockwise. Similarly, to remove the lens from the DSLR, press the lens release button, and rotate the DSLR Camera Lens anti-clockwise. However, the rotation may vary with different brands, so make sure you be polite when using it for the first time.

Microphone and Speaker

DSLRs have an inbuilt microphone and speaker, which help you during a video shoot. However, the inbuilt microphones are not very efficient. It works fine for personal use, but if you are looking to record videos for high-quality video blogging, an external mic is always recommended.

Main Dial

Mail dial is a multipurpose dial. When you are in the playback mode, it helps you scrolling through your pictures. However, when you are in the shooting function settings, it helps you increase or decrease the selected values.

Menu Button

Menu Button opens up the main menu of the DSLR where you can find each DSLR settings.

Live View Control

On clicking the live view control button, the viewfinder shuts down and the live view starts appearing on the LCD monitor. However, to go back to viewfinder, you need to click it again.

Zoom In and Zoom Out Button

You can use this button to zoom in or out while in live view or already shot pictures in playback mode.

Delete Button

When you are in playback mode, you can delete an existing picture using the delete button. On pressing it, a confirmation message pops up.

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