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All About Gum Contouring: An Essential Guide

Ravneet Dhillon
All About Gum Contouring: An Essential Guide

If you are worried about your gummy smile or your receding gum line, if your uneven gum line bothers you or if it is leading to food impaction, you are the right candidate for gum contouring surgery.

At our office- Morgan Hill Dentistry, you get access to the latest preventive, curative, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures from experienced dentists. 

Everyone is unique and so are our smiles. People can have low or high gum lines or uneven ones. It can be medically necessary or an elective procedure depending upon the circumstances.

It may be done as a medical procedure to improve gum and teeth health. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with other restorative procedures.

Cosmetic surgery, this procedure is done to make your teeth, gums, or smile more attractive.

Here is your complete guide to gum resculpting or contouring-

What is Gum Contouring?

It is a reshaping of your gums with a minimally invasive short procedure that may or may not be cosmetic in nature.

Gum contouring surgery is performed with LASER or specialized tools to deliver great results with faster healing. Cosmetic reshaping is done to improve your smile and the appearance of your gum line.

It leads to a more attractive gum-to-teeth proportion. It is done for treatment purposes as well and not just for cosmetic reasons.

Apart from affecting the visual gum-to-teeth proportion, long gums can also lead to food getting stuck which harbors bacteria and can lead to infection. Receding gums are not just a cosmetic issue but also an oral health concern.

So, this procedure is for those with gummy smiles, and uneven gum-line, as well as those with receding gums. 

Benefits of Gum Resculpting

●   It can be used for visually appealing results by correcting long gums. The crowns are exposed by removing strips of gums so that teeth look longer with an appropriate gum-to-teeth proportion

●    For an uneven gum line, the areas of excess gum line are specifically targeted to remove excess gum tissue. This creates an even gumline.

●    Removing excess tissue leads to healthier gums and teeth as food cannot get lodged when excess tissue is not present to form pockets. Thus, it prevents gingivitis, gum irritation, etc.

●   Receding gum lines can be corrected by contouring through a process of gum grafting. This helps as a cosmetic procedure but largely as a restorative one to deal with exposed roots and tooth decay.  

●   It may be used before crown lengthening or other regenerative treatments

●   The recovery time is short. Fewer appointments are needed and aftercare is easy.

●    Gum contouring with LASER is more precise. It cauterizes the incisions which results in minimal bleeding and faster healing. The risk of infection is minimized as well.

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Ravneet Dhillon
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