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Understanding Significance of PMP Certification in 2022

Understanding Significance of PMP Certification in 2022

What separates an experienced individual from a beginner in any domain? The skills. There is a constant requirement to upskill and update yourself to be the better version. Whether it can be impressionistic in various industries, project managers are one the best resources to validate the experience and understanding as a Project Management Professional (PMP).  

PMP is a highly in-demand certification for project managers, which is considered across the globe in almost all types of industries. This credential is very helpful in opening up growth opportunities or climbing the corporate ladder and enhancing their payout drastically. This credential is also very helpful in proving your skills in project management and initiating them toward better management of the projects. It is an unbiased validation of project management skills and specialization on a global scale, offering great market value, boosted credibility, and better payment. 

However, the credential-earning process requires time and money. Henceforth, you must first decide if this is a reasonable move for you.  

Do you have eligibility to pursue PMP Certification?  

PMP credential is created especially for project managers who are; 

Perform tasks under layman's supervision and be responsible for the whole project

Direct the team as a leader to execute a project constrained by resources. 

Have the understanding and expertise needed to apply a specific approach to a project with certain needs and outputs. 

Strictly adhere to follow quality processes and manage the certification standards. Henceforth, for PMP certification, there are a few criteria that need to be met. They are the following;  

● The degree of secondary education

● Thirty-five hours of professional education, having 7,500 hours of project management record. 


● 4-year of degree

● Thirty-five hours of project management education with project management of 4,500 hours.  

Why is it crucial to have PMP Certification?  

Professionals working in project management departments lead projects in various countries, as per the fact that this credential is considered across the globe. It does not focus on just a country or a particular region. It is useful for you, no matter in which domain you are working.  

The certification is proof that you have the skills and understanding of project management trends and also ensures connectivity to experts, organizations, and professionals' networks across the globe.  

Let's see some of the reasons why PMP Certification is crucial:  


If you have already earned the project management certification and are aiming for new job opportunities, then recruiters' can easily get an eye on you by looking at your CV. Certification is very helpful in standing tall in the competition. It also helps add trustworthiness to the skills, understanding, expertise, and dedication toward your career.  

This credential proves as a boon for entry-level individuals in the Project Management sector. It validates the professional knowledge, learning ability, and skills to go beyond the obstacles and achieve the desired output/  

Well, certification can also help you even if you have no plans to drop your job anytime. Your certification is proof of your commitment to your present organization as well as your clients. It showcases that you have the zeal to be an efficient and effective project manager.  

Growth in career: 

Through 2027, the project management-oriented labor force in seven project-oriented sectors is expected to grow by 33 percent, or nearly 22 million new jobs, according to pmi.org. This strongly tells how rapidly job opportunities will increase in various sectors or industries. The PMP training and certification course is considered across the globe. Also, you will experience better chances to get the desired job as almost every organization looks for project managers to handle the projects. It also boosts your network of professionals. At the time of doing the PMP certification or after becoming the project manager, your network of project management professionals will grow. This will be helpful at the time when you will search for a new job with higher packages. Henceforth, earning the PMP Certification brings better options to choose from in the career.  

Enhancement in skills: 

Individuals need to do a lot of effort right for preparing for certification to earn it. The core element of the entire process of learning is planning, implementing, analyzing, controlling, and finishing. Such skill sets are very much helpful in managing all types of projects. 


As the PMP certification is recognized across the globe, it enhances the professional's salability and proves the skills for working as a project manager. They will have a conversation with their counterparts regarding the course and individuals who are already certified. Various project management forums and groups of social media are better options for connectivity to gain expertise and ask for a suggestion.  

Handsome payouts: 

The salary of project managers has better and higher salaries in comparison to their non-certified counterparts; as per the survey, certified managers have 20% more earnings than non-certified ones. The average salary for Project Manager is AED 25,000 per month in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Area. The average additional cash compensation for a Project Manager in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Area is AED 30,000, with a range from AED 7,200 - AED 85,000, according to glassdoor.com.  

A valuable asset for an organization: 

Those professionals who are certified project managers’ work as valuable assets for any organization. Organizations trust certified managers, knowing that tasks have been executed by someone who understands the core of the management and has the ability to achieve the desired output.  

Gaining and Maintaining PMP Certification; 

The PMP credential needs individuals to organize their experience of work. In the exam for PMP certification, 200 MCQs are asked, and you have to finish it in four hours. For successfully managing the PMP, it is crucial that certified one should maintain 60 PDUs (professional development units) every 3 years of time frame. Well, the needs are definitely very high/ But, PMP is indeed an investment of money as well as time for any organization and manager. A certified professional has all those skills and understanding that can fly high the growth of an organization as well as an individual career.  

Summing up: 

The PMP Certification can surely enhance the career and can take it to the next level. Looking towards the growth in the market and the requirements of project managers in various industries, the value of PMP is significant. It cannot just go to make your resume robust but will also make you stand tall among other candidates. Vinsys is a leading institution offering PMP Training in Dubai. If you are aiming to earn PMP training, just contact us today, as we have the best and most experienced instructors who can help you gain what you are dreaming of.

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