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How To Buy And Start A Franchise In Australia? A Quick Guide!

The Franchise Institute
How To Buy And Start A Franchise In Australia? A Quick Guide!

The Australian economy is among the most robust and stable in the world. As a result, its franchising industry has become incredibly powerful. It reportedly supports over 110,000 in the country. Hence, the increasing search for how to start a franchise in Australia makes complete sense. It’s the perfect industry for combining profitable small businesses with creative entrepreneurship. 

In the below section, you will find a few steps to help you better understand franchising in Australia and clarify which industry is most profitable for franchising. Continue reading!

Learn How To Buy And Start A Franchise In Australia!

Australian fast food and coffee industries are among the most persuading companies for franchising. Domino's Pizza is a remarkable example of franchising in Australia. 

1. Research The Australian Franchise Industry

Start your preparation for a franchise by diving deep into the Australian market. You can take inspiration and ideas from competitors and other franchise business models. Furthermore, you can speak with other franchise owners or take guidance from franchising consultants to learn more about the booming industries.

Retail, food services and hospitality industries are famous among Australian investors. McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, KFC, Starbucks and Subway are among the most successful franchises in the country. Investigate the models of these companies or look for opportunities to be their next franchisee. Determine what industry attracts you the most or suits your skills, like the growing beauty industry, automotive or financial services.

2. Identify Franchise Opportunities

Once you comprehend the popular franchise model and have covered the first point of how to start a franchise in Australia, look for opportunities that suit your operating style or business goal. Along with your skills, you will need to assess the cost of those opportunities. Franchise opportunities that increase your monthly expense may not be the best choice.

Consider if you are more comfortable with large upfront or smaller investments to narrow your search. Furthermore, assess the skills of the franchise owner to determine if they will support you through the transition. Evaluate the record of the industry, the franchise location and the amount of effort, time and money you will need to invest in the company. If you want to know the red flags of a franchise or a business model, look for franchising ideas that have failed in Australia.

3. The Background Of The Franchise You Want

After identifying your opportunities, the next goal is to limit your search to the best match. It again involves doing a lot of research into the establishments, their success, failures, business model and operating style. You can start your research with the company’s website or visit its physical location. 

There are some essential franchise documents you would want to read before sealing your options. It includes the Franchise Disclosure Document to help you apprehend the company’s strategies and goals. Make sure to get answers on the current market share of the company.

4. Create a business plan for your opportunity

If you are ready to take the next step, create a business plan. The plan should contain how you want the setup to look and generate revenue. Lay out your goals and strategies, create a roadmap to achieve those goals and secure funding. Ultimately, the document should contain a mission and vision statement, marketing plan, organisational chart, operations plan, franchise agreement and financial plan.

However, before finalising the franchising agreement, you would want to assess the location and layout of your store. It should contain everything, from the store’s colour scheme to the parking area. Other than that, you will need a revenue model that includes all the costs, such as franchise fees and other expenses like hiring a lawyer for paperwork.

5. Sign The Franchise Agreement

The last step of setting up your franchise in Australia is to sign the franchise agreement. This contract will legally bind the owner and the investor. Make sure you have a professional to understand the complex terms and conditions. It is the most critical part of a successful and long-term partnership.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these steps will help you find your answers to how to start a franchise in Australia. However, make sure you have proper guidance throughout your franchising journey. It will help you dodge financial errors and red flags.

The Franchise Institute
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