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Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving to create solutions for banking and finance, governance, healthcare, insurance, and shipping. These solutions run on snippets of code popularly known as smart contracts that power these decentralized applications.

Which Is The Most Commonly Used Blockchain?

When someone asks us, “which blockchain is used the most?” the obvious answer is “Bitcoin.” Bitcoin is indeed the most popular cryptocurrency making the Bitcoin blockchain the most popular across the world.

However, Ethereum is one of the oldest blockchains around and more developers are gravitating towards Ethereum by the day. It is the most established blockchain platform in the world right now.

You can think of popular blockchains like Ethereum to be similar to a giant supercomputer. It is one of the most famous blockchains. Hence most of the new blockchain trends and essential tools we will discuss today will be relevant for Ethereum dApps.

What Are The10 Most Essential Blockchain Development Tools?

Blockchain trends are always evolving. You can throw out your list of the essential blockchain development tools in 2021 because a new list is finally here.

1. Solidity

It is a dedicated programing language for Ethereum. It is inspired by C++, JavaScript, and Python. Therefore, it is easy to use and designed exclusively for the Ethereum virtual machine.

It is a nascent language. It’s still developing. The team releases a small update almost every two weeks and two major ones per year.

2. Solc            

Solc is an Ethereum script compiler. It is a command-line compiler that works to convert Solidity scripts for the Ethereum virtual machine.

You can find two types of Solidity compilers – Solc-js and Solc. While Solc uses C++, Solc-js uses both C++ and JavaScript. Solc-js is slower than Solc, but it enables Pragma and Remix to function.

3. Truffle

Truffle is an Ethereum development framework. It is the ideal testing framework for decentralized applications. Users can use Truffle to inject smart contracts into web apps to develop frond-end Ethereum dApps as well.

Currently, Truffle is testing frameworks that can run automated tests in Solidity, JS, and Typescript.

4. Remix IDE

Remix IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) that blockchain developers use to compile, test, and debug smart contracts. It allows professional developers to use one intuitive interface for multiple purposes.

It is written in JS, which makes Remix IDE easy to use from any browser. You gain access to a suite of plugins, libraries, and other features for smart contract development.

5. Alchemy NFT API

With the recent trend of NFTs, you may want to create an NFT app. For that, Alchemy NFT API is the ideal tool. Alchemy NFT API is multi-chain compatible. You can use it to develop NFTs on Ethereum, Flow, and Polygon.

6. Thirdweb SDK

The Thirdweb SDK is ideal for building Web3 applications. You can also use the Thirdweb SDK to integrate Web3 features into existing Ethereum dApps. You can further use it to –

  • Create NFT marketplaces
  • Create tokens for community membership
  • Program royalty splits into NFTs
  • Launch NFT drops without using any code

7. Ganache

Ganache is a command-line tool or desktop application that you can use for the deployment of smart contracts on Ethereum. It is indeed user-friendly. You can access debugging information and blockchain data on one intuitive interface.

You can customize multiple elements of Ganache like block times as per the new blockchain trends 2022.

8. Chainlink

Chainlink is the developer-favorite oracle solution. It offers reliable data for smart contracts for multiple blockchains including Ethereum.

Using Chainlink you can connect your blockchain to multiple data feeds including real-world events in real-time.

9. Alchemy Supernode

If you are looking for suitable Supernode providers for professional blockchain development, Alchemy Supernode is the ultimate choice. You can access a fully developed API suite that can interact with the blockchain and receive critical blockchain data.

Alchemy Supernode works with several trending blockchains including Ethereum.

10. MetaMask

Several veteran blockchain developers recommend MetaMask for those working with trending blockchains. You can access this Ethereum wallet through a browser extension as well as a mobile application.

In addition to the expected security features, such as holding ETH, it can inject Web3js APIs to sites. MetaMask can take on other tasks such as reading blockchain data and key management.

What Are The Most Popular Use Cases For Blockchain?

Although many still associate blockchains with cryptocurrencies only, the use cases for blockchains have evolved considerably over the last few years. Today, blockchain use cases include –

  • Healthcare (secure sharing of medical data)
  • NFT marketplaces
  • Tracking music royalty
  • International payments
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Finance and banking
  • Monitoring of supply chain and logistics
  • Personal identity security
  • Real estate and property management
  • Heavy industry and management
  • Internet of Things (IoT) operating systems
  • Gaming and in-game purchases
  • Advertising insights
  • Automotive engineering, marketing, and sales

Several industry sectors have adopted new blockchain technology to reduce costs, increase transparency and provide ease of transactions.

Sphinx Solution
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