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A quick maintenance checklist of wireless home alarm systems

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A quick maintenance checklist of wireless home alarm systems

Wireless alarm systems are the most important security devices that provide ultimate peace of mind. As compared to wired devices, wireless alarm systems are compact, feature-rich and proficient. But, over time, dust, dirt, cobwebs, and other outside elements can reduce the functionality of wireless home alarm systems. To keep it long-lasting and increase its overall performance, basic maintenance is required. However, you do not have to worry about huge maintenance tasks. For your convenience, we have tried to share a quick maintenance checklist through this article. Check it out.

Weekly checkup

A weekly routine checkup is important to keep the alarm systems functional. Wireless alarm systems are designed with advanced technology and features. So, you do not have to create a thorough maintenance checklist. It’s preferred to check through the following ways:


Checkbatteries: Batteries are the important components of a wireless alarm system. So, try to check the batteries of the alarm system once a week. Some of the alarm systems support battery charging options but if your system does not support it, just check it properly.


Remove dust from the devices: Dust & cobwebs are harmful to the control panel of wireless alarm systems. So, it’s essential to clean the alarm systems weekly by using a soft microfiber cloth & a cleaner.


Monthly check-up

If you are too busy to check the alarm systems weekly, it’s important to consider monthly check-ups. Month wise task is all about thorough inspection & updates to keep the alarm systems running flawlessly. Here is the complete month-wise checklist


Check the control panel components


·        Centralized wireless control panel

·        Touchscreen panel (if required) 

·        System activation device & portable device

·        Keychain fob

·        The panic buttons

·        Mobile application


Check home Automation operations


·        Remote arming & disarming

·        Remote door locking & unlocking function

·        Remote lighting functions

·        Thermostat adjustment


Check the detectors & sensors


·        Door & window sensor

·        Recessed door & window sensor

·        Motion sensor

·        Door sensor for garage areas

·        Glass-break sensor or detector

·        Smoke or fire alarm sensor

·        Carbon monoxide or CO detector

·        Temperature sensor

·        Floor sensor


It's quite difficult to perform a monthly inspection by yourself. So, you can hire professionals who can conduct a thorough inspection process.

Annual check-up

There are some important alarm system maintenance tasks that should be considered yearly. An annual check-up is important to determine the working functionality of the home alarm systems. You can hire professionals for this check-up. 


Thorough check up: During the annual inspection, the experts check


·        Control panel

·        Flood sensor

·        Temperature sensor

·        The motion detector or sensor

·        Fire or carbon monoxide detector

·        Extra lighting


Warranty/contract checkup: You should consider a warranty or contract check-up yearly. Don’t forget to check the warranty period of your home alarm system. You can be eligible for updated or new equipment. Apart from that, if the warranty period is coming to the deadline, check all the alarm system components for ensuring that everything is properly functioning so you don’t miss out on free repairs or replacement security devices.


Final words


Wireless alarm systems are sensitive devices but their compact design & solid structure make them long-lasting. However, the above-mentioned checklist is enough to determine their performance. If you are in search of wireless home alarm systems that will give you maintenance-free performance for a long time, look no further than VIP Security Services (Aust) Pty Ltd. They offer a comprehensive range of security systems for residential applications at a reasonable price. All products are specially designed to deliver top-notch performance.

VIP Security Services
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