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Schedule A Dental Appointment By Bringing Any Relevant Medical Records With You

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An alternative to conventional dentistry is holistic dentistry. It is a supplemental and alternative treatment method. Its holistic approach and use of more natural therapies appeal to a lot of people.

Holistic dentists are essentially ordinary dentists who employ holistic procedures. Some people might mix these strategies with more traditional ones. But generally speaking, they use alternative therapies when providing dental care.

Holistic dentistry – what is it?

Dental medicine takes the form of holistic dentistry. Holistic Dentist San Diego therefore targets dental issues by emphasising all facets of wellness. Your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness are all included in this.

What advantages are there?

There isn't much information available about holistic dentistry, despite its popularity. There isn't a lot of research on its security, efficiency, and long-term advantages.

You could favour holistic dental care if you placea value on any of the following:

  • Natural cures
  • Biocompatible substances
  • Holistic medical care
  • Avoiding fluoride or mercury
  • Substitute treatments

Holistic Dentist San Diego practice is unique. We offer you all of the services you would receive from a conventional Dentist Appointment, including fillings and crowns, routine tooth cleanings, and treatment for gum disease.

However, we holistic dental practices also emphasize other cutting-edge forms of care, like dental ozone therapy, nutritional therapies, airway-opening orthodontics, and mercury removal.

How is traditional dentistry different from holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentists never utilize mercury-amalgam fillings, which is one of their main differences from conventional dentists. There is no reason to utilize mercury in dental fillings because safer alternatives, such as dental composite, are now more widely available. This is taken a step further by Flourish, who SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) methods are used each time these fillings need to be taken out, lowering mercury exposure for both patients and medical staff.

Another significant distinction is that whereas conventional dentistry concentrates on treating oral dental issues, holistic dentistry concentrates on treating their root causes.

For instance, we holistic dentist could suggest dietary or lifestyle modifications to assist you to reduce your risk for gum disease, but a standard dentist may only clean the gums to do so. They will also collaborate with other medical specialists who can support you in making these changes.

You'll have a complete exam on your first appointment. We'll talk about your expectations for the visit or if any x-rays are suggested. Your general well-being, habits, and even medical history could all be the subject of several inquiries. You can get Dentist Appointment by bringing any pertinent medical records or even other documents to your consultation.

Mesadentalsd.com uses technology that is at least as sophisticated as conventional dentistry. Because of this, we provide laser therapy at our workplace without the pain, invasiveness, or discomfort of conventional dental equipment, dental lasers have the ability to cure gum disease, remove rotten enamel, and perform a wide range of other procedures.

Mesa Dental
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