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After Care Treatment For Piercing In Markham

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After Care Treatment For Piercing In Markham

A good piercing aftercare routine is essential for a happy and healthy piercing. This piercing healing and aftercare guide will show you how to take the best care of your new Markham piercing! Your body is complex, and it is our responsibility to guide you through your piercing journey in the simplest and most comfortable manner possible.

Things you might face after Piercing:

To begin, let's dispel some myths. It is normal for most people to experience some, if not all, of the symptoms listed below while healing a new piercing.

  • Slight bruising and swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Soreness
  • Body crusty formation
  • Itching
  • Dryness and redness around the Piercing 

These symptoms are frequently misdiagnosed as signs of infection. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your professional piercer from Piercing in Markham.

When are the healing periods?

The average piercing with needletakes about 8 weeks to heal. Each body is unique and can heal piercings at different rates. Other ear piercings can take 3 to 12 months to heal completely. Body piercings vary greatly depending on the Piercing, so ask your piercer during the Piercing!

You can generally tell if your ear piercing is healed when any swelling, discharge, redness, or soreness stops, but the best way to know is to go to your professional piercer for an assessment before assuming it's healed.

Expect to go through your own healing process and learn from it.

Your style of living and daily routine has a significant impact on your ability to heal in a timely manner. Things like having to wear a helmet frequently can affect the healing time of ear piercings, while doing sit-ups at the gym, diving at the pool several times a week, or poor posture, particularly while sitting at a desk, can affect the healing time of belly button piercings. Working in a dusty environment, such as construction, with exposed nose or ear piercings, can also have an impact on your healing ability.

It's also important to think about the kinds of clothes you usually wear. High wasted pants or large belts, for example, can help a belly button piercing heal faster.Consider the best period of the year to get your ears pierced based on your lifestyle. You can plan around your schedule if you participate in sports that require you to remove the Piercing during play or if it could be damaged due to physical contacts, such as martial arts or rugby. Summer and vacations can involve a lot of swimming, sand, and sun exposure, so you may not want to consider recovery from piercing.


You now understand how to properly care for your new Piercing! If you have any issues, always seek the advice of your piercer before taking any actions about your Piercing's health and well-being. They not only provide the best experience for the initial piercing procedure, but they also support you throughout your healing process. Have a wonderful healing!

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Warriors Ink Tattoo
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