How to Write a Poem?

Jeffery Luse

A poem is the hardest form of creative writing. What makes it confusing and hard is the fact that it has some rules to be followed and yet there are no specific rules in which it is written. 

On the other hand, writing a poem can be really satisfying and fulfilling. A poem is a piece of writing in which a essay writer or a poet describes his feelings and emotions about every tangible and intangible thing. 


Unlike an essay or a short story, a poem has a tone or a rhythm which gives it a very soothing momentum. Written on literally every topic, a poem can be as small as a line of few words and as big as an entire book. 

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Depending on the type and its genre, writing a poem requires another level of writing and analyzing skills. 

This is how a poem is written:

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  1. Know its benefits - Before you randomly start writing know some important benefits of writing a poem.
  2. . It strengthens your writing skills
  3. . Can be really impactful
  4. . It can help you make a connection with intangible things as well.
  5. Types of poetry - Know which type of poem you have to write my essay for me. The types of the poem are:
  6. . Narrative - This is a poem type that is based on a story. It describes an event and often has a plot, characters, and narration.
  7. . Lyrical - A lyrical poem is like a song written on feelings and emotions. 
  8. Choose a structure - There are many forms of the poem. Decide which structure u want for your poem. For example,
  9. . Sonnet - It is a 14 lined poem divided into two sections and has rhyming words.
  10. . Limerick - It is a 5 lined poem with the rhyme scheme AABBA.
  11. . Haiku - A Japanese form of poem that has only 3 lines with 5 syllables in each first and third lines and 7 in second. 
  12. . Acrostic - A poem in which the first letter of every line makes a word together.
  13. . Free verse - A poem with no rule and no rhyme.
  14. . Couplet - A 2 lined poem that rhymes.There is a brilliant assignment help service available at assignment help melbourne.
  15. . Epic - A long poem that describes the adventures of heroes or talks about their achievements. 
  16. Imagery - It is a literary device used to describe the tangible things. According to this, a description must appeal to the 5 senses of a reader. 
  17. Sound - The imagery is for the minds of the readers while the sound is for their ears. A common sound of a poem is its rhyme. Keep in mind never to force a rhyme in your poem if it doesn’t require it. 
  18. Meaning - Your poem should have a meaning. Together, imagery, sound, and structure, should provide a reader with something that he can hold on to it. 
  19. Have an aim - know why are you writing a poem? Is it to hit the reader’s emotions? And how they feel about a particular thing? 
  20. Avoid generics - Don’t use cliches and mundane phrases. It will instantly put off your reader. 
  21. Should be concise - Use condensing approach while writing. Use words that perfectly describe a subject or an object. 
  22. Refine it - Revise and proofread. Check for punctuation. A poem is not bound to have perfect grammar so make sure your lines say the things you want readers to understand. 

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