Metagenomics Positioning and Growing Market Share Worldwide

Ganesh Shinde

According to a recently released report by Future Market Insights, widespread adoption of metagenomics tools in environmental monitoring and pollution reduction projects is estimated to boost the Metagenomics Market growth. Recent advancements in technology are aiding in the substantial reduction of costs incurred for sequencing paving way for the development of genetic sequencing on a large scale. This has opened up new opportunities for leveraging metagenomic tools on a large scale for monitoring of environmental microbe communities. Moreover, the efficacy of metagenomic tools in tackling environmental toxicology is further contributing to its growing popularity.

For instance, a recent development saw the use of metagenomics in predicting the extent and presence of contamination in the environment while another research outlined how metagenomics can be leveraged to attenuate pollutants in the environment using unculturable microbes present in the natural environment. The use of metagenomics to understand the influence biostimulation can have on microbial communities is also under progress.

Growing concerns about environmental conditions are prompting authorities around the world to invest in researches to improve the efficiency and scale of bioremediation. In addition to this, bioremediation is gradually gaining traction owing to its cost-effective and eco-friendly chemical treatment. As metagenomics is vital to the success of bioremediation, the market is estimated to grow as the alternative chemical treatment process gains popularity.

Clinical Diagnostics to Emerge as a Vital Revenue Pocket

Clinical diagnostics and bioremediation are estimated to emerge as the highest revenue generating segments in the foreseeable future. The term metagenomic diagnostics is slowly gaining in prominence as studies experiment to widen the scope of application of metagenomics in the healthcare industry. For instance, multiple studies have alluded to the development of a new diagnostic procedure termed as “shotgun metagenomics” which uses DNA sequencing to identify different pathogens and aid in the development of effective targeted treatment by predicting their resistance against different medications. Metagenomic diagnostics presents a promising prospect that could help predict and manage the treatment of a plethora of diseases. Further, metagenomics can also potentially discover hidden genetic features that could prove vital in the progression of an assortment of biotechnological applications such as the discovery of novel enzymes, bioactive molecules, and genes with significantly better or altogether new biochemical functionalities.

Metagenomics Market Growth Underpinned by its Potential Application in Antibiotics Production

Metagenomics provides a detailed analysis of the taxonomic composition of microbe communities. It provides accurate information with regards to the gene characteristics specific to a particular community. The information provided by metagenomic tools can be effectively utilized for the production of an assortment of antibiotics. Recent research in the direction was conducted by scientists at UC Berkley who concluded leveraging metagenomics for bioprospecting soil can aid in the development of a plethora of antibiotics. The study used metagenomics to identify the genes that produce antibiotics and antifungals to combat diseases in microorganisms and stated that the same chemicals can potentially aid in combating bacterial and fungal infections in humans as well.

Library Preparation Kits find Growing Consumer Base as Gene Sequencing Gains Centerstage

DNA and RNA sequencing practices are gradually gaining traction owing to their ability to provide a massive set of valuable data about gene sequences in a small duration of time. The data generated through gene sequencing is then analysed by clinicians, scientists, and researchers who then used the derived knowledge in various verticals such as agriculture, forensics, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and other applications. Library preparation kits provide the means for efficient and quick extraction of gene segments which are then used for analysis. Moreover, advancements in technology are aiding library kit manufacturers in offering improved products that reduce error and stress while improving accuracy. The FMI report opines the factors will prove vital in the growth of the segment which is estimated to contribute significantly to the metagenomics market growth.

Metagenomics Market Continues to Propel in North America, Upheld by Government Funding for Epigenetics R&D

The FMI study opines metagenomics market in North America is estimated to continue to proliferate and remain at the helm of the global metagenomics market growth. Presence of advanced infrastructure coupled with continuous government funding for research and development in the field of epigenetics are the vital factors that are estimated to drive the growth of the market in the region. Further, the presence of favorable regulations promoting research and development for improving the quality of healthcare in the countries in the region are expected to fuel the market growth.

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