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How to Get Rahu Blessings? Know to Live a Better Life

sunny sharma
How to Get Rahu Blessings? Know to Live a Better Life

How to impress Rahu


Generally, Rahu denotes malefic activities. It induces laziness, problems, hindrance and set back in life. It may also create depression and emotional instability if positioned negatively in the horoscope. However, one's luck brightens with its auspicious positioning. The native will receive honour and fame and will also possess high intellect. But the question is how to get Rahu blessings. Or how to get Rahu blessings in Hindi?

 How to Make Rahu Positive


Adverse Rahu creates huge financial churns and hardships in every field of life. But one can reduce its malefic effect and negative impact. Again the question arises, how to make Rahu benefic? Or how can I get the positive effect of Rahu? Or even what are the remedies of Rahu?


Here are some of the remedies to appease Rahu:


*Goddess Durga is the presiding deity of Rahu. Hence, chanting 'Om Durgaye Namaha' 108 times every Wednesday will reduce Rahu's troubles.

*Donate copper or black sesame seeds every Saturday in the temple or to the needy. It will increase the auspicious effect of Rahu.

*Donation of mustard oil, garlic or onion also reduces the ill effect of Rahu and increases its energy.

*Black and blue colour denote Rahu. So, donating these colour clothes to the poor and needy will appease Rahu.

* Feed black grams to birds, ants or animals to reduce the ill effect of Rahu.

How to Pray for Rahu


Mainly, people inquire about which day is Rahu day. Which colour is for Rahu? We appease Rahu on Saturday, and black denotes the planet. Now, let's address another important question: How do I pray to Lord Rahu? 


To give strength to Rahu, worship Goddess Durga or the Varaha Avtar of Shri Hari Vishnu. Praying to Lord Bhairav and reciting Durga Chalisa daily gives favourable results. 


Further, through fasting, you can show your devotion to Rahu. It will cleanse your body internally as well as externally. So, to please Rahu, keep fast for Goddess Durga on every Ashtami because Ma Durga controls Rahu.


Thus, a malefic Rahu is dangerous, but with proper remedies and correct prayers, you can reduce the adverse effect on the planet.

sunny sharma
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