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On-Grid, Off-Grid & Hybrid: What They Are & How to Choose the Right One

Ksolare Energy

An on-grid inverter converts solar power DC which is constantly varying and feeds it into the main power supply. It synchronizes its output voltage, and frequency to the main power supply it is connected to. As the power of the solar increases, so does the output but it can do this at leisure. To inject electrical power efficiently and safely into the grid, grid-tie inverters must accurately match the voltage, frequency, and phase of the grid sine wave AC waveform.

In an on-lattice framework, this occurs after power arrives at the switchboard:

  • The meter. Excess solar energy runs through the meter, which calculates how much power you are either exporting or importing (purchasing).
  • Metering Systems work contrastingly in many states and nations all over the planet. In this portrayal, I'm accepting that the meter is just estimating the power being traded to the lattice, similar to the case in the greater part of Australia.
  • The electricity grid. The power that is shipped off the framework from your planetary group can then be utilized by different purchasers on the matrix (your neighbors). When your planetary group isn't working, or you are utilizing more power than your framework is delivering, you will begin bringing in or consuming power from the matrix.


An off-grid solar inverter is very popular and it comes with a power backup. Off-grid solar inverters work independently of the grid. Most home appliances such as Fans, coolers, TV, AC, Water pumps, etc. can work through this inverter. Off-grid inverters must supply power from DC to AC instantly to power the appliances. It must react quickly and up to and over the capacity rating of the inverter. It draws power from the battery, converts it from DC, and outputs AC.

·        The battery bank. In an off-grid system, there is no open power matrix. When sunlight-based power is involved by the apparatuses on your property, any abundance of power will be shipped off your battery bank. When the battery is full it will quit getting power from the nearby planet group. At the point when your planetary group isn't working (evening or shady days), your apparatuses will draw power from the batteries.

·        Backup Generator. For seasons when the batteries are coming up short on charge and the weather conditions are exceptionally shady you will, by and large, need a reinforcement power source, for example, a reinforcement generator or gen-set. The size of the gen-set (estimated in kVA) ought to be satisfactory to supply your home and charge the batteries simultaneously.

A hybrid solar inverter is the combination of a solar inverter and a battery inverter into a single piece of equipment that can intelligently manage power from your solar panels, solar batteries, and the utility grid at the same time. Having all the key features for solar and battery storage in one simple plug-and-play inverter means hybrid inverters are generally much lower cost and easier to install compared to more complex battery storage systems which often require multiple inverters.

  • The battery bank. In a hybrid system, once the solar power is used by the appliances on your property, any excess power will be sent to the battery bank. Once the battery bank is fully charged, it will stop receiving power from the solar system. The energy from the battery can then be discharged and used to power your home, usually during the peak evening period when the cost of electricity is typically at its highest.

·        The meter and power lattice. Contingent upon how your cross-breed framework is set up and whether your utility permits it when your batteries are completely energized abundance sun based power not needed by your apparatuses can be traded to the lattice by means of your meter. At the point when your nearby planet group isn't being used, and assuming you have depleted the usable power in your batteries your machines will then, at that point, begin drawing power from the matrix.

About Us-

KSolare Energy was established in 2012 and is located in Pune. The promoter of the company has wide experience of over 25 years in the field of renewable energy particularly in power electronics had worked in multinational companies in US, Spain, Germany & Portugal. The company products line-up covers Grid Tie & Hybrid Inverters in collaboration with big International companies. As one of the largest Hybrid Solar Inverter manufacturers in India, KSolare has an advanced automatic testing setup with certification. KSolare executed 805+ MW with a total installation of over 175,000+ Inverters in PAN India with efficient aftersales service support with the lowest failure rate and 100% Customer satisfaction because of after-sale service & quality. Contact Us on Sales: 7888009282/83/84/85 Service: 8530111222 / 7030955501 Email: [email protected] , [email protected]

Ksolare Energy
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