Tips to follow when going for an Oman Desert Safari

Oman Safari Tours

When you are planning a trip to the Middle East, going for a desert safari is often recommended. This is an experience out of the ordinary as you leave behind the fast-paced life of the city. The entire time you spend in the desert is memorable as the place in itself has a laid-back and calm vibe. When you plan your trip to Oman, you must opt for an Oman Tour operators desert safari. However, before you head out, make sure you practice the following so you can enjoy the time there.

Pick an afternoon or evening desert safari

There are options for desert safari all day long. However, it is best to choose an evening desert safari that lets you enjoy the sunset. Or you could choose an afternoon safari that extends well into the evening. It will start around 2 or 3 pm, and its stops are located all over the city. Let us remind you that the morning safari ends with breakfast the evening one is concluded with dinner and a night show.

Choose comfortable wear

Everyone wants to look their best when outside, but in the desert, safari comfort plays an important role. Simply choose a flowy top with jeans that would allow air to pass through. Tight wear is going to add to your misery. Plus, wearing loose bottoms would just let the sand enter your feet. Decide your attire in advance and make sure you can walk easily in the shoes you choose. Avoid shorts as the sun could get rather harsh, and jewellery as sand can stick easily to them.

Carry wet tissues and water in plenty

Most Oman travel agency, including desert safari, offer water, but it is sensible to carry your own bottle. It will take one hour for you to move around the desert area. During this time, you might have to hydrate yourself often. Hence keep your water bottle with you. Also, leave your stylish purses for a backpack. With all the stuff inside the backpack, you don’t have to stress about losing them. 

Choose flats 

Wearing heels on your desert safari is a strict no-no. With heels, you won't be able to move around a bit. Pick up a pair of flats that you can comfortably walk around in. Sneakers may also not be a great choice, but if you think you can walk in closed shoes, then they are fine. Your best bet is open shoes without heels.

Carry your medicines 

Some people are highly prone to motion sickness. Suppose you are one of them; you might have to carry the medicine along. Dune bashing though very exciting, can leave you dizzy. You can also inform the Desert safari guy to skip this part. Though fun, it can be difficult on the stomach, so keep that in mind.

Wear sunglasses and jackets 

Do not forget those sunglasses because you might have to wear them for the entire time. Pick up a sturdy one that does not get damaged easily. After the sun sets, the weather starts getting chilly. Make sure you have a jacket at hand to cope up with the sudden dip in temperature. 

Enjoy the sunset

When the sun starts going down, calm down and relish the feeling. Leave the photos clicking and everything aside and just gaze at this spectacle. It is an experience you will never forget, and the shades you see in the sky are worth staring at.

Companionship is the key

You may have come to the Oman desert safari to enjoy the experience. However, when there, do not forget to make friends with people and animals alike. You will see a lot of birds, and it is nice to try and perk up to them. Talk to the people with you and your guide, of course. It might be you could land up with some interesting trivia.

Do enjoy the show

The evening safari ends with a show that you should not miss. It would have belly dancing, which is always a pleasure to watch. Most of the performers involve the audience, and there is a vibe of fun and enjoyment everywhere. The show would be an end to a lovely day, and do not miss that at any cost.

Summing up

A desert safari is your chance to have a sense of calmness in your life. Let the beauty of the desert seep inside you. Keep the things mentioned above in mind to truly experience the idea of a desert safari. Do your bit of research before picking up a desert safari provider. 

Only someone who is well-versed in this type of service can make it truly enjoyable for you. Check their reviews to see what others think about them. The vastness of the desert has lots to explore, and only a proper Travel agency Muscat can make the experience worthwhile.

Oman Safari Tours
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